How to honor your sensitivity (because it is actually a power)

"The opposite of the sensible is not" hard. "It is irrelevant, sensitivity is a gift, let's cultivate it, do not wipe it." ~ Glennon Doyle

I would run no matter how much snow and ice there was, no matter how tired it was or how much my joints hurt. Even if I was hungry. It did not matter. Sometimes I would be in incredible pain, but I will not stop.

I worked as a tree planter in the summers and paid for each tree. I would like to push as hard as possible, planting up to 3,000 trees in one day. And, no surprise, I had the first spasm behind me at age twenty-one.

So I lived all my life in my early 20s. Active. I only had enough time to do everything with college, volunteering and a part-time job. I will end up exhausted.

In addition to that, bright lights and loud noises easily shook me, but I pushed that too. I did not really want to go to my friends' loud parties, so I'll drink to the point that the loud noise did not bother me anymore.

Years later I learned that I was a very sensitive person (HSP) and everything was meaningful. HSPs are sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and other people's feelings.

And because HSPs are only 15-20% of the population, they sometimes resemble the basic needs of peace, space away from family members with great feelings, and soft lighting is self-evident or greedy. Thus, HSPs often promote their sensitive nature.

In my twenty, despite my sensitivities, I pushed. I did not feel that my life is worth a lot, unless I'm extremely productive, getting good grades and thanking my friends, my family, teachers and almost everyone I met. I was determined to be perfect and killed me.

Eventually he came to my head during my first post-college job. I was working hard to thank my supervisors, my colleagues and the young people who were our customers. It was my dream job, but I ignored my own needs as a very sensitive person where I could not do it anymore. I was exhausted and did not want to go out of bed in the mornings. I left, but I did not know what to do.

Are you very sensitive?

Does any of these sounds know? If you sometimes promote your own needs, it could be a sign that you are particularly sensitive. Other indications that you are HSP include:

  • You feel very well the tragedies reported in the news
  • Sometimes you manage to get through the beauty – a stunning view or goodness of a friend
  • You are sensitive to bright lights and loud noises
  • You are highly trained
  • If someone is badly moody, you feel the energy in the room
  • Sometimes, when a coffee date is canceled, you are ecstatic that you can stay hiding under the covers
  • You love creativity whether it's music, dancing, photography, writing, visual arts or interior design

And when an HSP tries to fit, it needs very energy's. Infringing your sensitivity will let you drain. You will end up exhausted without paying too much.

What happens when an HSP ignores their sensitivity?

HSPs often end up ignoring their sensitivities because they are being pressured to do so. Whether it's a hall where you can hear 100 other people talking or your group of friends who want to meet in a noisy restaurant as HSP, you are constantly being asked to ignore your sensitivity.

And so many HSPs end up complying and pushing. You do not want to disappoint your friends or bother your boss, so you say yes even if your nervous system is totally excited. Or other times you want to save money, so you will share a hotel room with your noisy and emotional cousin, although it would be better to have your own room.

The problem is, when your nervous system is constantly excited, you end up exhausted. Your exhaustion may begin to be small, but if you keep pressing, you may end up with a complete analysis like mine. And because I've gone through this, I really do not want this to happen to you!

The good news is that it is possible to protect your sensitive nervous system. It takes time and practice, but step by step you can begin to take care of yourself better and not worry about other people's expectations.

How HSPs can be cured after years of pushing

1. Relax when you are tired.

The first and sometimes harder step is to rest. If you are determined to fit, you may be exhausted. Go and go and go and do not stop breathing. You could:

  • Take a five minute walk out
  • Look out the window and breathe
  • Napkins
  • Make time for meditation
  • Take a day completely away to recharge
  • Spend time in nature

Start so small and see if you can plan for even five minutes to be quiet and rest.

2. Learn about your sensitivity.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you are already on track to complete this step !! The more you learn about your sensitivity, the easier it will be to take time to rest, not to say that overwhelming party invitation, or walk in the city center by wearing gigantic headphones while playing white noise to block the sound.

And it does not matter if it's through reading or podcasts or watching videos. Whatever form you like the most, it will look good on you. Some of my favorites include the High Sensitive Refuge website and the Introvert, a favorite podcast hosted by an HSP.

3. Honor your needs.

I know this is difficult to do especially when there are other people involved, but as you start to honor your needs, you will start to return your energy. You will feel more relaxed, relaxed and more excited about life.

And so, although it will involve some difficult conversations with your friends, your partner, your family and your colleagues, I promise you that it is worth 100 percent.

When I was in a new relationship where my partner was definitely not an HSP would have had many conversations that went like this,

Damn, you have to remember that someone is dating someone sensitive.

If my blood sugar collapses, I will not be able to recover.


I'm going too far from this music.


It would really help me if you fell silent with me for a minute.

You can send your favorite articles to teach them about highly sensitive people and what is really going on for you. And sometimes, you just have to explain them step by step.

Some common HSP needs include:

  • A slow pace of life
  • Beautiful spaces
  • Time in nature
  • Deep and substantial relationships
  • Time to cry and feel your feelings
  • A good night's sleep
  • Physical space after a conflict or a difficult discussion
  • Nourishing food

And yes, I have it. it is difficult to ask. It took me a decade, but I learn to take better care of myself and now I am able to share my nature more support with others. And you can also.

The less you care about the placement and the more you can take care of your HSP needs, the more you will be able to bring your delicate energies forward to make the impact you are going to do.

Your sensitivity is your strength

As an extremely sensitive person, you have the real gifts of sympathy, creativity, attention to detail and quality in everything you create. Because of this HSPs, as you do the best writers, healers, coaches, interior designers, actors, carers and artists of the world.

According to an article by Jim Hallows, the famous HSPs include Nicole Kidman, Edgar Allen Poe, Leonardo Di Vinci, Bob Dylan, Princess Diana and Teresa Mother.

You intend to protect and promote your sensitive forces.

By caring for yourself, you are not one. You are not selfish. You are not greedy and you are not crazy. You are gentle with yourself so that you can share your beautiful, strongly sensitive energies with the world.

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