How to fight aging, stick to mountain climbing and anti-aging

People want to live happily and healthy in their old age, and hope that they can climb the mountain often, ascend the distance, and show their style in later years.

1. The process of conquering the mountain is the process of conquering yourself and conquering aging.

There are some elderly people who are riddled with housework and can’t do without it; some see mountain climbing as a fearful way. It seems that the elderly are determined to climb the mountain, first to conquer themselves and to eliminate some unnecessary concerns. In the mountains, not only the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful, the mountaineering roads are smooth, and there are many middle and old people climbing the mountain. The warm atmosphere of the mountain climbing army will encourage you to climb slowly. You can climb to wherever you want to climb depending on your physical strength. Maybe, you can only climb halfway up the mountain this month, and you may climb to the second peak next month, and then you will climb to the top of the mountain next month.

Climb the mountain, so climb the hills near your city. In short, during the process of climbing, I saw myself progressing almost every day, seeing that my physical condition is strengthening and realizing an anti-aging self-confidence.

How to fight aging and stick to mountain anti-aging

2, exercise your feet and exercise your heart and lungs.

People are old and old. The elderly have strong feet and can run and jump, so they are not easy to age. Mountain climbing is more effective, easier to implement, and safer than improving long-distance running and swimming.

3. Open your mind and have a good time.

Climbing the mountain, you have to climb step by step, step by step, step by step, climb up, and step by step, it is really hard. However, when you climb to the top of the mountain, when you conquer a mountain and a mountain, you will feel the excitement, happiness and satisfaction. “Through the Qingshan people are not old, the scenery is good here.” Old and old people can also enjoy and enjoy this unique realm and fun that has been difficult and proud.

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