How to avoid making decisions to improve your life

There are a few things you can do to reduce anxiety in your life by simplifying your decisions and avoiding something called fatigue.

I never realized that I did some of these things but looking at my life as a whole I know some of my habits can make a big difference in your life.

Fatigue of the decision is a situation where just tired of making decisions. In fact, often these decisions that seem very simple are just happening over and over and in fact filling our minds.

Perhaps the most famous example of this is Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Apparently Zuck wears exactly the same clothes every day and just has a bunch of the same shirts in his closet so he never has to think about what to wear. I know this may be odd, but it seems to work for him.

There are some simple hacks that make things easier.

Building one week of breakfast pairs once

How to avoid making decisions to improve your lifeI have written before this breakfast is extremely important to us for energy and health but the problem for most people is that it is really hard to move on and make a really big and healthy breakfast every day.

What I have done is to make sure I have the wonderful breakfast I need every day.

I buy a large bulk of oat bulk, some sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and sugar-free coconut flake.

I make a big ziplock bag with this blend and then every week for a couple or weeks I know I have a really nutritious breakfast that I really will eat and enjoy every morning without having to think, plan or schedule time for food.

Designing all your snacks and meals

Snacking is another part of my diet that I really have to set up. Left on my devices I'm sure it will drop into chocolate bars and ice cream.

I have a regular daily meal I bring with me every day. I have two fruits, one veggie, last night's remnants, a granola bar and a chocolate bar – yes chocolate must be part of a well-balanced diet 😉

The thing that makes this easy is that our grocery stores are very methodical.

I'm not sure if you've heard this, but the outer edges of the grocery store are the best and the interior is the worst.

The outside of the grocery store is of course filled with dairy products, vegetables, fruits, meats. All food, refrigerator and perishable.

The inside of the grocery store corridors are all processed foods that are better to stay away from.

So when shopping we try to stick mainly to the outside with a weekly dinner plan, as well as knowing what to take for snacks, all fruits and vegetables.

After shopping we will wash the fruits and vegetables, as this is part of the shopping experience, and cut and pack the vegetables for the week.

How to avoid making decisions to improve your life

Preparing the night before

I do not like to think early in the morning during the week, so I always assert that the night before that I have everything out for the morning so I can just prepare, grab and go.

I get all my vitamins, clothes, prepare the coffee maker and gather my lunch in the fridge the night before. I just take some time from the night before the bed to organize the day for tomorrow.

It works perfectly for me and makes the morning very easy to get started.

I think of myself as a breakfast man, but just doing all that he prepares means I can just run in the morning without much thinking about what needs to be done.

How to avoid making decisions to improve your life

Does preparation and design work?

I know that many people, I included rails against designs and procedures, as these ideas just look like getting rid of spontaneity in life, turning us into robots and losing this flash of fun.

Indeed, although I think that by eliminating these decisions, I am in fact much more likely to stop trying to make stupid simple decisions and leave me instead of making those decisions when it matters more.

Of course all these procedures are falling off the road for the weekend, but I think maybe I have to do some because I do not get so much from my life on weekends as I wish I was.