How to Attract What You Want

Who does not want to live his dream? I do not think many of us would say "no, thank you" if the opportunities and relationships we wanted offered us on a silver platter. It may be encouraging to remember that we are ultimately the creators of our own life.

In a literal sense, we can create or influence the results we want if we keep our head firmly in a good sense of feeling.

We are all artists, creating our lives with thought, acting with action.

The areas we are focusing on is a big deal. This is the difference between a life we ​​feel lined up and content with a life we ​​constantly question and try to understand.

To quickly measure your focus, ask yourself:

"Do I tend to focus on good things (what is abundant) or what is the problem (what is missing) in my life?"

Focusing on what happens often will leave you in an anxious state and in a "fix" mentality while focusing on what's going on well can support more positive experiences that come your way. This is often the case because what we focus on determines our feelings and thoughts. How I think and what we spend our time thinking is becoming a habit. For better or worse, our thinking habits can affect the way we perceive our lives. This spider web phenomenon is not new. We have heard it all, especially those of us who are familiar with the universal laws of attraction.

Here are some tips on how to help attract good things in your life.

Believe what you want

Life tends to reflect what we believe to be true. It is common for our human minds to have to see and have proof of a result or reality before we believe it is possible. Our need to see before we can believe is where we are stuck. The trick is to allow yourself to dream while pressing the pause button on your logical mind. Our logic awaits things to make sense. Reality is, sometimes, how things come to deny logic, and unexplained things happen. Begin to believe in them and how they can happen to you too.

How I think and what we spend our time thinking is becoming a habit. For better or worse, our thinking habits can affect the way we perceive our lives.

I understand why it is difficult for many adults to believe in what we can not see. After all, we grew up and became "practical". all this is valid. There is no denial of this. However, it is in our advantage to take advantage of the child's part of ourselves and to remember how to imagine, dream and believe.

Concentrate on the feeling of good

What makes you feel good? Fine, do more than that.

Be sure to surround yourself with people, environments and activities that are aligned with who you are. I want to stress that life is not about feeling good all the time. This belief can make people refuse or process uncomfortable feelings.

Life offers contrast, including yin and yang, good and not so good emotions. When negative feelings and feelings occur, do the best to recognize them. Let them be there while they continue to focus on the positive things that are also on your way. You will always have options in life. the key is to choose wisely. When possible, choose the things that delight you.

Get the present

When your mind is stuck in fear, anxiety, anxiety or depression, good things are often prevented from coming to your place. When your mind has been in the past for years, a common symptom of this headspace is depression. When your mind is constantly stuck in the future, the common consequence of this attitude can be an increase in anxiety. These conditions may be the natural way for your body to alert you that the alignment is off. Presence in the present can help us feel centrally and balanced.

The practice of staying in the moment can help you discover more presence in your life. Here are some quick ideas on how to practice your presence in your life:

  • Keep in mind the excessive programming
  • Indulge yourself in distractions that do not serve you
  • Disconnect from relationships that do not support and feel drain
  • Be careful about how you spend your time

Clearing activities and distractions that do not serve you while creating more room for the good things that can come can allow you to spend more time on the things that matter most to you.

Believe that the good things are strong and in fact it's on the way to you. Expect good things to happen to you too. This spirit can help you cultivate more generous goodness in your life.

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