How is erectile dysfunction treated?

The usual first step in treating Erectile Dysfunction is to check whether the problem is a result of side effects of medicines. If so, there may be a different prescription drug that will not lead to erectile dysfunction.

Psychotherapy and behavioral modification can be considered next to some people. If these measures are not sufficient to solve the problem, there are some prescription drugs.

Medications for erectile dysfunction

How is erectile dysfunction treated?Medications are not the only treatment options for men seeking Erectile Dysfunction. One option is a mechanical vacuum device that causes an erection creating a partial vacuum that pumps blood into the penis.

These devices have three components: a plastic cylinder in which the man places his penis, a pump that draws air from the cylinder to create the vacuum that draws blood into the penis and a rubber band placed around the base of the erection penis before being removed from the cylinder.

The band keeps the blood from leaving the penis, allowing the man to maintain the erection.

In some cases, surgery is an option. One type of surgery inhibits arteries in men whose blood flow to the area is affected. another block of veins that allow the blood to leak out of the penis.

Penis implant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

There is also a function in which a device is implanted in the penis to allow it to stand up.

Each method of healing has its own dangers and benefits, and a person has to discuss his choices with his doctor in order to choose the method that is right for him. It is also important to inform the doctor about how well the treatment works, because if a treatment does not work, another can be done.

A person should never attempt to combine drugs or change dosages alone. Only one doctor can determine what is a safe level of treatment.

Some men find that some simple lifestyle changes ease the problem. It can help you get more sleep, stop smoking, exercise regularly, find ways to reduce stress and talk to a doctor if stress or depression is a problem.

Some men and their partners recognize that sex should not just mean sexual intercourse. A delightful sexual encounter can include a variety of different activities.

However, a person chooses to deal with the situation, it is important for him to openly and honestly discuss with his partner because the partner may misinterpret the inability to have an erection as a loss of desire or attraction. Just reassuring his partner that love and desire is still there can be very helpful in dealing with some of the emotional issues surrounding Erectile Dysfunction.

If you have any questions about erectile dysfunction, you may ask your pharmacist, who will keep your conversation strictly confidential.

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