How did the 46-year-old diabetic friend of the diabetes fight diabetes?

Author: Lanzhou Zhao Shuhui Wang Li Rui Beijing hospital diabetes

For diabetic patients manage the disease, can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence and development of complications, thereby improving the quality of life . Therefore, many people will follow the doctor’s advice after learning that they have diabetes, and actively do daily prevention and control work, especially in daily diet. However, some people suffer from diabetes and feel that the disease is not painful. It seems that there is no problem with their health. Therefore, they still go their own way and eat sea food, causing blood sugar to soar. Last month, the Diabetes Hospital received a visit to such a sugar drinker who did not pay attention to controlling blood sugar. Fortunately, under the combined treatment and persuasion of hospital doctors, health teachers, dieticians and other medical personnel, his blood sugar has not only been controlled, but his thoughts have also changed, he began to face up to diabetes and learn how to prevent diabetes and complications.

 How do you beat diabetes for the age of 46 years old with diabetes?

Mother and child For the sugar friend, the son’s high blood sugar is the mother’s heart disease

Zhang Ayi is an old friend of Ruijing Diabetes Hospital. He has been suffering from diabetes for 25 years and is the “common care” of Ruijing Diabetes Hospital. A member of the extended family. It is the thing she has always insisted on being hospitalized on time every year, reviewing it regularly, and seeing a doctor on time. Therefore, despite her long illness, her blood sugar control was relatively stable and there were no complications. One morning last month, Aunt Zhang rushed to the hospital and met the head nurse Zhao Shuhui who was measuring blood sugar for the patient. The head nurse Zhao thought she was coming to take the medicine, and did not think much. She asked about the recent illness of Zhang Ayi. After chatting, she learned that she came to the hospital for her son. She said bitterly: “I brought my son to the hospital this time. My son is also diabetic. I have been in diabetes for 15 years. I have never paid attention to it. I don’t care about blood sugar. I don’t take medicine on time. I said nothing. Recently he is old. It is very sleepy, powerless, and a lot thinner, so I quickly took it to the hospital to let you adjust the blood sugar. He is only 46 years old. I am really afraid that he has anything…” Aunt’s son was hospitalized.

Common care: rescue 15 years of sugar-glycemic uncontrolled sugar friends

After the hospitalization procedure, the doctor of the Ruijing Diabetes Hospital diagnosed him. When measuring blood sugar, Dr. Zhao communicated with him and asked him: After 15 years of illness, why didn’t he control blood sugar? He said: “When I first started to know that I had diabetes, I would follow the doctor’s words, occasionally measure blood sugar and eat some oral medicine, but I can’t hold on for a long time. Later, the blood sugar is not detected, and the medicine can’t remember to eat. Not to mention going to the hospital for examination. I know that diabetes is a chronic disease and needs to be well conditioned, but since I have to go to work, I often have irregular diets and have never eaten breakfast. I also like to drink beer and drink one box at a time. After so many years. In addition to the occasional lack of sleep, there is no uncomfortable place, sometimes I think diabetes is so terrible?” Hearing here, Dr. Zhao said with some helplessness: “Because you still have Young, may not feel any discomfort, but with the increase of age, the course of the disease, if you do not interfere, there will be various complications, and regrets are too late. Many people are not paying attention because of the previous period, resulting in Later, the condition was delayed.”

How can a 46-year-old diabetic friend fight diabetes?

After the diagnosis is made, it is determined to be type 2 diabetes. The fasting blood glucose was measured to be 20.6 mmol/L, which is almost three times higher than that of the controlled diabetic patients. Also accompanied by ketosis + and retinopathy, need to lower blood sugar in a timely manner. The doctors at the Ruijing Diabetes Hospital quickly determined the treatment plan, given the treatment of antipyretic and insulin pump to strengthen the hypoglycemic, control their blood sugar and complications. Every day after the hospitalization, in addition to doing daily blood glucose monitoring for him 8 times, he will monitor blood sugar for him from time to time, and the nutritionist also developed a nutritious meal for the hospital to regulate blood sugar for him.

Considering his shallow understanding of diabetes, he was extremely unfavorable for future blood sugar control, and doctors and health teachers were persuaded and educated. Doctors, nurses, dieticians, and health teachers at the Ruijing Diabetes Hospital often instill knowledge about diabetes and prevention and control of complications; how to monitor blood sugar and its importance, daily dietary considerations, and oral medications to lower blood sugar The benefits and so on. Inform him: in the case of stable blood sugar, monitor 3-4 times a week, always feel uncomfortable to monitor at any time; to stop drinking or a small amount of alcohol, eat regularly after drinking, do not drink too much alcohol and do not eat staple food; Must be eaten on time, medication is the most important part of controlling blood sugar.

 How did the 46-year-old diabetic friend of diabetes overcome diabetes?

46 The son’s condition is controlled, and the old mother is grateful to tears.

The blood sugar of Zhang Ayi’s son has not only been controlled through the treatment under the “common care” mode of the diabetes hospital, but the previous complications are gradually Better; more importantly, his mind has changed a lot, he began to learn how to control blood sugar, and often consulted medical staff such as teachers and doctors to consult about diabetes. When he was discharged from the hospital, he said: “Thank you for your meticulous care. This time I have a lot of hospitalizations. I will review them on time. When I go home, I will buy the blood glucose test strips and monitor the blood sugar on time.” Nurse Zhao said to him jokingly: “It is the greatest responsibility for the family to love your body. You must control your blood sugar in the future. Don’t let the aunt worry about you again.” Hearing here, Aunt Zhang left a tearful touch.

 How did a 46-year-old diabetic friend who has been suffering from diabetes for more than 15 years?

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1. Precautions for drinking alcohol in diabetic patients:1 Alcohol: Liquor does not exceed 2 or 2 per day; red wine is 2 to 4 per day according to the degree; beer can drink about 400ml per day; Even drinking. 2 should not drink on an empty stomach. People with diabetes who drink a lot, especially on an empty stomach, can develop severe hypoglycemia.

2, how to eat fruit in diabetic patients: 1 patients whose blood sugar is basically controlled can eat fruit. However, when blood sugar is greater than 16.5mmol/L, it is not advisable to eat fruit. 2 After eating fruit, will it cause blood sugar to rise rapidly? It is necessary to look at the sugar content of fruits. For example, bananas, jujubes, hawthorn and other fruits with high sugar content should not be eaten or eaten less, and most fruits can be based on sugar. The amount of the meal determines the amount of food consumed at one time. 3 Time to eat fruit: It is best to choose between energy and nutrients between meals, when you are hungry or after physical activity. Usually selected at 9:30 in the morning, around 3:30 in the afternoon, or 1 hour after dinner or 1 hour before going to bed. Do not promote fruit immediately before or after meals, avoid excessive intake of sugar at one time, resulting in high blood sugar after meals. 4 It is recommended to measure blood sugar before eating fruit and within 2 hours after eating fruit to find out if you can eat this kind of fruit.