How cancer is treated as a medical problem, negative ions are safe for cancer prevention

Cancer has always been the first human health killer. The medical research has confirmed that negative ions can effectively prevent cancer, opening a door for people to fight cancer indoors.

Tocise cancer, people often smell it. Cancer has the characteristics of rapid spread of cancer cells, high morbidity and high mortality. It is a veritable human killer. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, 1.8 million people die from cancer every year in China.

The World Health Organization pointed out that many long-lived areas of the centenarians in the world have good ecological conditions. High-density forests and numerous lakes are rich in negative ions, which can effectively inhibit cancer cells. Breeding. This is the most vivid and powerful evidence of negative ions for cancer prevention.

And modern medicine also explains the role of negative ions. The “Modern Physical Therapeutics” edited by Professor Chen Jingzao, the medical authority, also elaborates on the medical mechanism of negative ion anti-cancer: the robbing of human cell electrons is the source of all diseases, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a substance lacking electrons. After entering the human body, it competes for electrons everywhere. If the electrons of the cellular protein molecule are taken away, the protein is linked to the branch to undergo alkylation, which forms a distorted protein molecule and causes cancer. After the human body receives negative ions, because the negative ions are negatively charged, there are excess electrons, which can provide electrons missing from the cells, thereby blocking the vicious circle, and the cancer cells can be prevented or suppressed.

In the “Preliminary Report on the Experiment of Air Negative Ion Suppression of Cancer Metastasis”, the clinical trial reports published by medical experts Li Keliang, Zhao Yongzhen and Wang Xianglin of “Chinese Oncology Clinical Medicine” indicate that a large amount of air negative ions are inhaled every day, most animals There is no intrapulmonary metastases, and the primary tumors in the animals are also inhibited to a certain extent. The effect of early application of negative ion therapy is much higher than that of late application of negative ions, but it has a certain effect in late application.

The ecological negative ion health instrument developed by the technology of ecological negative ion generation chip technology and nano-fullerene negative ion release technology can generate small particle size and high activity negative ions that can easily enter the human body and can be used in patients. Create a pure negative ion bath environment around, thus helping people to use the small particle size negative ions between breaths.

As cancer patients increase, the prevention and treatment of small particle size negative ions is of great significance and requires people to pay attention to.