History reveals: Maya Angelo, the special relationship between famous female poets and “sex” workers

As an American poet laureate, Maya Angelo has works such as “I know why the birds in the cage sing” and was awarded the National Honorary Art Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. . She recited her work at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. In addition to writing, Maya Angelo has also worked as a dancer, magazine editor, professor, actor, ah, yes, she has also worked as a sex worker.

history reveals: Maya Angelo, the special relationship between famous poets and

Angelo’s sex work career began at the age of 17. She was a single mother at the time, working in a bar in San Francisco, and was closely related to the two gay and niece who were often cared for. Angelo offered to help them pay the rent and win over the business, on the condition that they took a share of their income. When she found out that they were carrying her money, her short-lived career had never ended.

After two years, Angelo succeeded in transforming himself from pimping to pimping. She met L.D. “Daddy” Tolbrook, who was older than her. He took her in a luxury car and promised to marry Angelo after he divorced him. But he did have an attempt to do so. Tolbrook claims that he owes a few dollars to the gangster, but he can’t afford it. With the unique three-inch tongue of the scammer, Tolbrook successfully persuaded Angelo to pick up the passengers in his brothel, and the money he earned was used to pay his debts.

Angelo’s brother found her in the brothel and persuaded her to leave the business. But her life has not improved. Soon after, her son was kidnapped and she was almost infected with drugs. Despite all the hardships, she survived and recorded her hard life experience in her autobiography, “Gathering in My Name.”