Heart, Heart

Heart, only one,

Can’t see, can’t touch,

Strong and fragile,

Both brave and timid.

Heart, can be big or small,

It’s big enough to accommodate the world,

Small enough to forgive people around you A deception.

Heart, good or bad:

When you care about people, it’s love,

When you count people, it’s bad heart.

When you help people, you are kind,

When you are a victim, you are black.

Heart, it will change,

For people who like it, it is warm,

For people who hate it, it is cold,

It may take only a moment to cool a heart,

It takes many years to warm a heart.

Heart, is sensitive,

Although I can’t see it,

I can feel who’s really from someone’s every move. Who is false,

Although I can’t touch it,

but I can tell who is good or bad from the words and deeds of others.

Heart is fragile,


can make it cool in half a sentence,


One thing can make it completely collapse.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold,

There is temperature in the clothes,

It doesn’t matter if the food is cold,

It’s still delicious when it’s hot,

When it’s cold,

It’s still warm?

Everyone has only one heart,

A heart that needs to be cared for,

One will give others a warm heart.

This world,

The most difficult thing to guess is the human heart,

the surface passion It doesn’t mean that you are sincere,

The coolest is the heart,

It’s good to say, you need to hide far away,

The most difficult thing to guard against is the heart of the people.

The brother of the brother, maybe you will be behind you.

But the warmest is the heart,

Help when you are in trouble,

comfort in grievances,

Companion when you are sad,

can make people feel happy.

The human heart is long,

It will hurt, it will hurt, it will be uncomfortable

No one wants to look at it all day Cold face,

No one wants to be treated indifferently,

Anyone who cares about you, there is nothing to do,

Forgive your heart, not always,

Take the people who are good to you,

Do not hurt their hearts.

There are still people, and a lot of contacts,

The heart is still warm, so cherish!