Healthy breakfast recipes for any situation

We live in a time of overloading information. Nowhere is it more clear than when you go looking for breakfast recipes. Enter "healthy breakfast recipes" on any search engine and you will be welcomed by a long list of articles that offer even longer lists – 50+ ideas here, 38 more ways to cook eggs there and continually. This creates an ironic problem:

The choices are great, but with too many options paralyzes. There is probably something you want to eat somewhere in these healthy breakfast lists, but it is buried an endless scrolling of random substances.

Equally disappointing? Many of the recipes do not fit you well. Whether because they are too complicated, they have the wrong ingredients mix, or they just do not hear everything delicious.

Instead of disappointing, we have simplified our favorite healthy breakfast recipes in categories that will work for you.

Do they hate to cook, or have almost no time to do it? It's not a problem.

Would breakfast burn breakfast staples like oatmeal and eggs over and over again? Do not worry, we have alternatives.

Conflict with an addiction to bacon? Never be afraid. We love love for bacon.

Based on the feedback we have received from us promoting customers, here are some of the most common problems you face at breakfast – and meals that can do the job for your life and your body.

The problem of breakfast: You do not have time to eat.

If your mornings are so hectic that you only have time to chew, much less cook, you are not alone. Far from it. in fact UK-based market study showed that almost half of all people should eat breakfast outside their home at least once a week. ONE a similar reference to the US. showed that more and more people need a portable breakfast.

Here's the good news: There are many healthy breakfast options that do not require you to start your morning on the stove. In fact, you will not even need to have a dish. Just prepare these ones the night before (or even the weekend), and you have a healthy breakfast that you can throw and escape when you do.

Healthy breakfast recipes: eggs on-the-go
Healthy breakfast recipes: eggs on-the-go

Eggs in the round (full recipe here) – Take a high protein breakfast filled with vegetables that fit your palm of your hand. Taste so well you will feel like sitting for your favorite omelette, but you can do it on the road. You get everything without chaos and without cleaning. Spend 25 minutes doing these one night – You will have eliminated the need to think about breakfast for the rest of the week.

Healthy breakfast recipes: oats overnight
Healthy breakfast recipes: oats overnight

Natural Butter Banana Overnight Oats (full recipe here) – Get all the health benefits of oatmeal, and protein to start your day properly, no cooking is required. You can simply mix the ingredients together the night before, which takes about 5 minutes. Next morning, voila! Breakfast is ready, so are you.

Healthy breakfast recipes: PB & J energy balls
Healthy breakfast recipes: PB & J energy balls

PB & J energy balls (full recipe here) – Here is a useful handmade snack that is great if you need to eat on the move (ie in your car). Like the above oats, there is no cooking. A food processor is all you need. Unlock a lot on a weekend and your healthy breakfasts are ready for the week.

The problem: All you want is cereal.

People are eating less cereal for breakfast than once, but a bowl with something crisp plus milk remains a ritual in the morning for many. Good news: You can eat cereals and have a healthy start for your day.

  1. Sugar was added. Although it is not true for all cereals, many breakfast cereals come full of sugar. Look at many grain labels and you will see "sugar," "corn syrup" (or more sugar) or many other sugar cane names (honey, nectar, agave etc.) that are mentioned early and often. You do not have to worry about sugar, but you should seek to keep the additional sugars intake at less than 150 calories a day if you are a man and 100 if you are a woman. Some especially cereals packed with sugar (usually those aimed at children) provide more than half of them per portion. And FYI: Nobody is eating a portion of cereal. Your Best Bet: Check the food labels. Look for a grain with more fiber and a sugar content in single digits.
  2. Low in protein. Grains come from grains and the grains are generally not high in protein compared to their total calories. Yes, adding milk helps. But why not direct your breakfast to an even greater balance by adding a protein source like eggs to the side? By doing so it provides a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Here are the two main battles against cereals (and how to solve them):

Or if you want to give your breakfast bowl an overall makeover, we recommend:

Healthy breakfast recipes: Breakfast for champions
Healthy breakfast recipes: Breakfast for champions

The truth Breakfast for champions (full recipe here) – Crisp, crisp, sweet and satisfying, this bowl delivers all the grace of grain without too much sugar added. [Honey is an ingredient, but you can ditch it if you want.] For many, cranberries and bananas provide more than enough sweetness. Combine them with fiber from the cut steel oats and healthy almond fats and you have everything you need to feed your body to win the day.

The problem: You hate oatmeal.

Why, apparently, any health source suggests eating oatmeal? There are many reasons to love it:

But look, no one can blame you if oats are not your thing. And there are many ways to get the fibers – the main driver behind many of these benefits – without turning to oats. A piece of high-fiber bread (we like it Ezekiel 4: 9, but look for every bread with "100% whole grains" or "whole wheat" on the label) can have almost the same percentage of oats as oats. Tast it with a side of bacon or eggs (or both!) And you have a healthy, well-rounded breakfast.

Or if you're open to the idea of ​​a bowl, but just do not want to be oats, try this new shot:

Healthy breakfast recipes: Goji quinoa Goji
Healthy breakfast recipes: Goji quinoa Goji

Goji Cuckoo Quinoa Bowl (full recipe here) – We do not like to classify whole foods against each other, but we could argue that the quinoa is like Oats 2.0. You still get a carbohydrate-rich fiber, but quinoa is also high in protein. Almond slices, goji berries and coconut flakes add not only flavor and texture but also nutritional content.

The problem: You hate the healthiest breakfast recipes.

If you are full of pancakes, cereals, oats and everything that most people think of as breakfast foods, you are not alone. In fact, Born Fitness Coach Natalie Sabin counts among you.

"Morning food was never my thing," says Sabin. "That's why I make meals I like, no matter what time this day is." To this usually chooses for non-traditional morning meals such as:

A recurring theme that you will see running through these meals: scraps. There is nothing wrong with partying at dinner tomorrow morning. However, if you want to put something totally new together for breakfast but you do not want to try breakfast-y, here's a breakfast meal that loves many breakfast smokers:

Healthy breakfast recipes: pita breakfast
Healthy breakfast recipes: pita breakfast

The Sausage and Pita Breakfast (full recipe here) – Start your day with a high salted sandwich with high protein content. The chicken sausage combined with the warm parmesan gives you such a delicious meal that you will not even know there is spinach there. (Kidding, spinach! You know we love you.)

Healthy breakfast recipes: the fight
Healthy breakfast recipes: the fight

The agony Bro (full recipe here): Eggs, roasted vegetables and bacon, together at last. Here is an energy recipe that will impress your friends – or provide meals for a few days if you do not feel like you are sharing. You will be thrilled by the combination of flavors and textures. The compound of sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts will keep you packed at lunch. Best of all, everyone comes together in a single pan, which means no mess and very little to clean.

The problem: You do not eat enough protein.

With all the delicious choices for breakfast, which are coarse, it can be seen that breakfast gods forgot about protein. Sometimes the easiest way is a protein shake, and here's how to make sure that it does not taste like watering protein powder:

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Maca powder onto a chai protein cake.

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Healthy breakfast recipes: maca chai protein cream

The Maca Chai protein shake (full recipe here): Have not you heard of Maca? Here you should get a hip in this: Peruvian powder has been proven to have beneficial effects on hormones as promise to combat disease. Combine it with Greek yoghurt and protein powder in this recipe and suddenly you have all the delicious smoothness of a Starbucks frappuchino. But where frappuchinos are packed with sugar, this drink comes stacked with 39 grams of protein.

The problem: You do not like eggs (or are tired to eat them every day)

The eggs are an excellent basic breakfast for many reasons:

  • Eggs are a source high-quality protein.
  • The eggs provide 18 vitamins and minerals, including many that many people are inadequate, such as zinc.
  • Eggs that contain healthy fats make many of these micronutrients easier for your body to absorb.
  • Some of the strains of proteins inside the eggs have anticancer and tumor suppression properties.
  • People are hitting eggs to be a source of cholesterol, but here is the thing: There is a difference between dietary cholesterol (what you eat) and cholesterol in the blood (passing through your veins). Many studies show that cholesterol from eggs has little in any case to the actual blood cholesterol levels of your body. A research body also shows that egg consumption has a positive effect on HDL ("good") cholesterol in the body. (Here is three different examples.)

But if you feel that you have burned out of their food – if they do not like it, then we can do it. Other big go-tos include Greek yoghurt, milk, protein powder, chicken and salmon – either smoked, cured (a.k.a. "lox") Or just the rest of the night before.

Here are two recipes you can not enjoy:

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Raspberries and blackberries at the top of a healthy yoghurt parfait.

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Healthy breakfast recipes: parfait berry

The Berry Nutty Parfait (full recipe here): Speak for easy. You can have it ready in 5 minutes (maximum). Fruits, shrubs and yogurt are a simple but powerful combination. You get protein and healthy fats (both good to keep you full) along with powerful antioxidants from berries, which are associated with better brain health and many other benefits. Pretty sweet indeed!

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Bacon and maple syrup to the top of the best protein pancakes ever.

"data-medium-file =" 300% 2C169 & ssl = 1 "data-large file =" fitness .jpg; fit = 640% 2C360 & src = " 02" / deluxe-bacon-date-pancakes-born-fitness.jpg; resize = 640% 2C360 & ssl = 1 "alt =" Healthy breakfast recipes: -born-fitness.jpg? w = 1920 & ssl = 1 1920w, https: / / fitness.jpg? resize = 300% 2C169 & ssl = 1 300w, https: // .jpg? resize = 768% 2C432 & ssl = 1 768w, https: // i0 / www.bornfitnes .jpg? resize = 1024% 2C576 & ssl = 1 1024w, .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/02 / deluxe-bacon-date-pancakes-born-fitness. jpg; size = 700% 2C394 & ssl = 1 700w, com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/02 / deluxe-bacon-date-pancakes-born-fitness.jpg? w = 1280 & ssl = 1 1280w "max-width: 640px" -dims = "1" />

Healthy breakfast recipes: crêpes with bacon and day cream

Burn & Date Proteins (full recipe here): What is the only thing better than a plate stacked with flapjacks? Having this stack packed with bacon and protein. Each bite is a sweet, savory, flavorful burst of flavor. You will taste so well you think you should feel bad – but when you see that there is three times more protein than there is fat, you will know that you do not have to.


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