Health care products manufacturers that illegally add products will be included in the credit “blacklist”

Since September 9 this year, the province will implement credit rating and classification supervision for health care products manufacturers. One of seven cases, such as illegal detection of products, doping and falsehood, will be directly designated as D. The Provincial Food and Drug Administration will include the production enterprises with credit rating D as “blacklist” to facilitate joint punishment by relevant departments. Measures.

The Provincial Food and Drug Administration recently issued the “Measures for the Supervision and Management of Credit Rating and Classification of Health Products Manufacturing Enterprises in Shaanxi Province (Trial)”. The “Measures” clarify that the credit grades of health care products manufacturers in Shaanxi Province are classified into four levels: A (trustworthy), B (basic trustworthy), C (untrustworthy), and D (seriously untrustworthy). The credit rating of health care products manufacturing enterprises shall be subject to a scoring system with a score of 100 points, which shall be deducted according to the credit information of health care products manufacturing enterprises.

The “Measures” clarify that if one of the following circumstances occurs in a health care product manufacturing enterprise, it shall be directly assessed as Class D, and its credit rating shall not be adjusted within two years: product detection is illegally added, doping is false; If the administrative punishment for the license is revoked; if it is ordered to suspend production or suspend business for two times within one year due to violation of relevant laws and regulations, or more than three years of administrative penalty for fines or more within one year; illegal production and operation of health care products constitutes a crime and is investigated according to law. Criminal liability; failure to perform administrative punishment decisions within the time limit; adverse effects caused by safety liability accidents; serious violations of health supplies laws and regulations.

(Reporter Wang Yan)