He insists despite serious health problems.

In the early 50s, Bole Miller faced problems of metabolism and cardiovascular health so seriously that he already had a very tight brush with death. With his weight at high all time and his mobility seriously compromised, Bob found a way to lose almost £ 100, a small step at a time.


"I have vascular disease, heart disease and stage 4 kidney disease …"

"… I already had an AAA repair, four bypass, 8 stents in my heart and we are debating the inevitable hemodialysis and kidney transplant."

These are the recruiting notes for Bob Miller two years ago when he started his journey with Advanced Nutrition.

Although Vobos was facing these very serious and damaging mobility conditions, Bob had an ambitious goal: to lose a lot of weight.

And, in fact, he already had.

"Almost seven years ago, I weigh 260 pounds," says Bob, 60, of Edmonds, Washington.

Bobby in his heaviest, before making a contract with himself to become healthy for his family.

"At that point, I had not realized how much weight I had gained." My grandmother had died and had to buy some clothes to go to the funeral, so I bought a jacket and coats and I was shocked only at the middle 46 inches and in my coat 48 inches.

"That's what surprised me so I had these brand new clothes and I thought," Something must change here, that's not going to work. "

So, Bob made a plan.

"I said right away," Okay, I have to check how much I eat and low carbohydrate diets have always worked for me to get the weight out, I'll do it. "So I began to do. Over the next two years, I went from 260 to somewhere in the 210 series."

Even after a while, Bob's weight loss ceased. And it stood. And it stood.

At 5, 7, Bob knew he had more weight to lose, but after 18 months without further progress, he had to admit that work alone did not work anymore.

And Bob was not ready to give up his health.

"I wanted to see my grandkids, they are not yet born, and I did not want my wife to be a widow."

"There are people in my life who depend on me and rely on me … and I already have a pair of pretty important brushes with death."

"When I did my heart attack, I thought I would die. As my wife led me to the hospital, I realized that I could not feel my face, my hands, my feet, "remembers Brava.

"I know we can all die at any time, but I certainly did not want to be because I did not do what I could to take care of myself." I did not want to be my legacy: "This son of a gun, as soon as he took care of himself, he would still be here. "

These very powerful reasons brought Bob to Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Once Bob was enrolled, he was determined to remain committed.

"I wanted to see this program to the end, no matter what, and just see what the results are," says Bob.

"Even if I did not see the results on day 364, I was not going to stop before day 365."

Of course, Bob saw results well before day 364, but of course, the pounds did not fall as fast as he hoped. Initially, Bruce believed the program was going too late.

"For the first few weeks, they give you anchor habits." "If all the others fail, go back to them." The fourth week I was like, you flirted with my album, "laugh Bob.

But these anchor habits turned out to be a fundamental change for Bob's approach to eating, exercise, lifestyle habits and even mentality. In particular, the first habit – take time for your fitness and nutrition – turned out to be the biggest difference.

"You take time – you know what, this is the most important thing I do in my life," says Bob.

"The time to prepare food, making time to think about planning my meal or what I do for the day and complications, taking time to work out, sleep time, all these things." In the very busy life I have never realized how important it was to become the main time. "

It was not all smooth sailing. Bob's health complications brought some additional challenges when he came to his training.

Its conditions can cause low energy to Bob, especially until the afternoon. But his new habit of "making time" helped him to work around this dam.

"My workouts are a top priority for my day, so I do the first thing in the morning when my energy is the highest, so I get the" I'm out of action "explanation from the equation.

The combination of conditions can also cause chest pain when its heart rate is increased by intense activity. Once again, Bob found a way.

"I have worked closely with my cardiologist to manage it with a combination of medications and adjustments to my exercise … lack of training is not an option!"

While working steadily through these challenges, Bob also discovered the unexpected value of having someone in his corner – the coach of PN. Having coach Jonathan to check him out, to respond to his messages and simply Be there helped Bob to remain faithful to his commitment.

"It took someone to hold me responsible, I needed someone to be there," he says. "There is value simply knowing that my coach was there."

By the end of the PN Coaching program, Bob had lost another 45 pounds.

Bob goes into old pants after losing weight by 100 pounds.

To his great surprise – and his doctor – Bob's kidneys were also performing better.

"Prior to PN, my kidney buddy estimated my kidney function at around 26-28% and I lost about a percentage every two to three months at one point," says Bob.

"I went from being in the rapid procedure for hemodialysis and transplantation to stable kidney function for six or eight months now. My nephrologist is encouraged. I can not believe it. It's amazing."

But maybe Bob's bigger transformation is internal. Moved from the fear of the future, to chase new possibilities.

Bob is currently enrolled in the second round of PN – this time to see what is possible.

"What can I do with my body and the best health I have never been able to do?" I have no idea, but I am willing to do an experiment of science and to see what is possible for myself. "

The very idea of ​​exploring new possibilities marks a change in the sea for Bob.

"What is possible …" reflects. "It was not long before, where it was a weak thought."

"There is not," Okay, I did my diet, I'm done. "My brain and my body and my mind and my heart have changed permanently."

In fact, Bob's natural transformation was so important and unexpected that he is still accustomed to his new, thinner body and what he can do.

"One of the keys to overcoming my unique challenges was walking through it with my wife. It was, and it is, terrible."

"I had an experience recently where my dog's sphere had gone behind the TV console. I was like, "Oh, I can not go back there, I have to figure out something out there."

"Then I thought," Wait a second, you probably can. "And I did it, and I have not touched the wall or the back of the console."

Bob plans to use the last half of his second year with PN exploring the emotional issues surrounding such a great transformation.

"Sometimes I do not recognize myself. You will see myself in the mirror and you will be surprised by the person I see looking back, or looking at my pants and wondering how I will fit into these tiny things! My physical changes are a bit more ahead of my emotional and spiritual development. "

But one thing is certain: As Bob seeks new possibilities for himself, he knows there is no return.

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