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Case: A tax calculator to see how much you can save Money

Production: People’s Daily


  1. Creative positioning, the H5 produced by the People’s Daily promotes a new tax law through a tax calculator and Calculate the test user to save money.
  2. Planning, 1 home page is a tax calculator, there are input instructions below. Enter the monthly income deducted from five insurance and one gold in the blank box, click “confirm”, ie You can check the monthly and current taxes, and you can see how you can save money every year. 2 Click “Go and see what you can do” and convert the amount of money saved each year into items of the same price. Save the picture, the picture comes with a reflow QR code, which is conducive to promotion The new tax law.
  3. Design, with orange-red color as the main color, the page is simple.
  4. Experience, for the small series that only pay attention to the results and want to know how much money can be saved, This tax calculator is very convenient~

Technology implementation: jQuery+mugeda tool


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