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My grandmother had bubbles cultivating in her garden and looking for them in a sweet, tart and unfortunately pretty string soup with lots of little pieces on it. I never liked the soup. He died while I was still young, so I do not remember much about it, her. But I still remember the soup. How annoying is that ?? One of the few memories you have about a person is something they were looking for for those you did not like. Eighty-year-old David preferred soup cans of supermarkets and dust soups that just added water. This ungrateful little shit.

Since then, I have come to my feelings and I have learned to appreciate any food that someone is cooking for me. Even tufted and round ribbons soup. But because I do not want to risk recalling a round soup, we give you a smooth instead. He has been approved by David for eight years. And his children.

We made this video for your YouTube channel to show how easy it is.


We like this soup because it's so simple and fresh and it's in just over 10 minutes. You only need a handful of simmering ingredients, stir (cool, if you like) and serve. It has a fruity and steamy taste and a nice punch of fresh ginger. It is ideal as a weekend dessert, for a weekend breakfast or for a brunch table.

The soup wonders to be full of something creamy. We used Greek yoghurt but mascarpone, whipped cream, ice cream or any choices without dairy products would also work. All about your preference.

I am a licorice fan and amazed by how well it fits with flavors when sprinkled over this soup. However, if you do not like licorice, heart or vanilla would also be a wonderful addition to flavor. We also threw a few edible flower petals to the top because it looked beautiful, but the chopped peanuts would probably taste better and add some crunch)


Ruby, Ginger and Strawberry
Serves 8

Do not focus too much on exact amounts. You can use more or less rhubarb, strawberries, dates, water etc. It all depends on how sweet or tart the different fruits are, how long the dates are and how sweet taste you want.
Usually we add vanilla powder to it, but at the moment it's so expensive to let it out. If you have some at home, add it together with the rhubarb to the pan.

5 rabbit stems (1/2 kg / 1 lb / 2 cut cups)
350 – 500 ml / 1 1 / 2-2 cups of cold filtered water
1 large piece of fresh ginger

1 lime, beans
250 grams of strawberries
8-12 soft dates

To serve
Yogurt (or mascarpone, whipped cream or ice cream)

Lemon powder
Edible flowers (or replaced with finely chopped walnuts or seeds)

Cut the rhubarb and cut into 1 inch pieces. Add to a large pot along with 1 cup of filtered water and freshly ground ginger and lime. Boil, turn off the heat and simmer until the rhubarb begins to dissolve, about 5-8 minutes.

Throw into a blender. Add strawberries, dates and a little more water. Stir until it is smooth. Taste and add more dates, strawberries, lime juice or ginger, if necessary. And more water, if you like it thinner. Place it in the refrigerator very cool or serve it warm. Top with a cup of yoghurt and sprinkle with licorice powder and some dry edible flower petals.