Golden sprouts in Brussels – 101 cooking books

I thought I would share with you my favorite recipe for vegetables in Brussels. It's a slightly extended version of what I described in Super Natural Cooking, but to be honest, naming a recipe is a bit of a piece. It includes a pot, fewer than five ingredients, about ten minutes of time and little gastronomic skills. You end up with vibrant green, tender Brussels stems that become deep golden and tufted when they touch the pan. Then I rub them lightly with cheese and serve them. This year of the year is not unusual for us to cook like this two or three times a week.

Brush brussels recipe

Even if you are skeptical, this gold-crusted version has the potential to turn the most alert brussels sprouts around.

Buying the best Brussels sprouts

A shopping tips for a couple before you start, look for Brussels sprouts that are small in size and tightly closed. Tiny cooks quickly, while larger ones tend to brown outdoors long before the completion of the interior. When the weather is mild, I finish with a lighter, salty cheese, like Parmesan cheese. If it is stormy and cold, I choose a heavier, more melted cheese, like regular smoked or smoked Gouda (or gruyere). Or (!), I omit the cheese altogether, and add a simple shower finish finely chopped nuts.

Brush brussels recipe

Brush brussels recipe

Brussels sprouts:

A couple of quick pre-tips. Try not to get over the blasts and eat them once they reach the stove if possible. They are so!