Gift Guide for monks (30+ ideas)

Happy Holidays all! What you see here is a vacation gift guide for cooks and gastronomic enthusiasts. I get questions for ideas every year and I know it can be hard to find a thoughtful gift for the chef (or serious homemaker) in your life. So (!) Here is my donation guide – the one who first puts forward the small producers and the products that I really use and love. And if you do not find anything here, I also published yesterday a series of 15 Grand Cooking Guides for Donation.

Ag. Agrestis Amaros and Kassiri Amaros of Townsend

A sip after dinner amaro always beats the point. And, part of the fun tastes all the different available. These are two recent favorites in bottles that offer a worthy gift. Townshend is chai-condiment, which, frankly, I thought it could be a waste. Instead, it is amazing, balanced and horrible – in the best possible way.Vacation Gift Guide for cooksJacob May Cutting

Jacob May May kitchen tables are modern classics. The quality of heirlooms improves every year. I had my own for five or six years (!?) And I love it more every time I get it for it. The recipient of one of these must additionally be an additional specialist;) …

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Donabe & Japanese cabinet

I like to cook in clay pots, and despite the real effort to relive, to increase them. Toiro Kitchen is my favorite source for furs, Japanese clay pots. The double Kamado-san rice cap is my favorite but I love the smoker Ibushi Gin donabe. Beyond the donabe, everything in Naoko Torio's kitchen is worthy of gift and a selection of cupboard items would make a big basket. If you can visit the Los Angeles store Do it. You will find a helpful staff to explain the incredible selection of donabe objects, wardrobe and Japanese tableware.Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

All the things Herriott Grace

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Vitamix 7500 in white

I bought one of these years ago, and my cigars, stains and dairy products were never silk. It's really good. In the years since then, I have also experimented with other mixers, as well as with the little one Magic ball – and, at a very, much lower price point. Nothing I'm trying to do is come close to this big guy. Do you know those ads where someone gets a car with a bow on the road? This is the area we are in. Mercedes mixes.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Zwilling, J.A. Henckels clean stainless steel opener

A can opener for a gift? This is the smoothest can opener I know, quickly opens cans accurately every time. Wayne and I sometimes struggle for who "gets" to open the box.

Iris Hantverk brushes

Here is the entire line of knives of the Iris Hantverk series. They are nice, useful and just pleasant.Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Weck vases plus wood lids

A set of Weck jars is a great gift. It stacks beautiful, and help turn chaos into peace. All my favorite dried beans and legumes go straight through them. I also use them constantly in my refrigerator (below) to try to minimize plastic and disposable containers.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks
Levo oil
I put this in my personal wish list. It just seems to be an explosion to experiment. I like to think that I'm not one for gadgets, wifi-connected devices and disposable devices, but that's something I can not resist. For the right person who wants to experiment in the kitchen, this will end. A lot of cool ideas, proportions, recipes on their site, if you throw away.Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Moccamaster in white

We are currently an espresso (and many tea) household, but my friends have said that this is an excellent combination of style and functionality.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Tableware Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne always has a great variety of bowls and tableware (the wooden bowls!). These are the types of kitchen that are made better and better as you use them.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Wonder Valley Olio Nuevo

I've worked my way through a bottle of the Wonder Olio Nuevo Valley (Hala Chanda!). With olives harvested in October 2018, this is the fresh, shining things. It is limited to 600 bottles.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Diaspora Co. Turmeric

Sasa & Diaspora Co. stems from turmeric from Andhra Pradesh, India. They are some of the best you can buy.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Coffee Break Manufactory Package
You are not sure if you knew it, but our friends at Tartine and Tartine Manufactory have something coffee. And like all that puts their looks, it's spot-on. Check out this holiday gift package.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Matcha quotes

Eric Gower's Breakaway Matcha is one of the best matcha tea sources in the United States. A great gift and introduction to different matcha qualities is this matcha flight.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Lord Windsor Coffee

A local fav at Long Beach – a few bags of Costa Rica's blend or No Stresso Espresso in this colorful package illuminate a friend's breakfast ritual.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Canyon Coffee

Ally and Casey Canyon Coffee never disappoint – I like the Colombian blend, but they also offer gift packages. If you are on the west coast, keep your eyes on one beam of holiday markets where you can have a cup on the face.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

For the enthusiast adapter: O & CLOCKS – More about them here. And collecting as a trio here.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

For cooking Inspiration for hot winter nights – Round, noodles and pasta: The new flavor of German cooking

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Ila Black Salt Lava

The perfect finishing element for anything from salads and spreads to biscuits or homemade croquettes – we love the black lava salt. Bonus for beautiful, heavy, black and black packaging.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Dragonwell White Tea Song

Peter Luong carefully picks tea from China and returns it to temperate countries to get the freshest and finer flavors. I really love the white teas, and the description of it with the notes of chrysanthemum, rice and lasagna fell to my attention.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Leaves & Flowers Kourkoumi Wellness

This is the blend of tea herbs I drink all the time, choose the glass jar for gift-worthy packaging. I really enjoy all the L & F blends and you can not go wrong with seed tea, hibiscus mix or peace tea (that's all I buy most often) – I guess I say I'm not afraid to experiment, because it's difficult to go wrong here.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Sarah Kersten Ceramics

You undoubtedly see the classic crumb of Sarah's fermentation, but its bowls and salad bowls deserve to be on a daily rotation.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Malita Reich

The pieces of Malinda are all unique ceramics produced in small fires in San Francisco. We enjoy having them at the table and sprinkling on all the favorite corners of the house.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Nappalachia biscuits

For your favorite cookie lover. My friend Natalie sent me a box of them as a packet that warms up the house when we were in our new position. And while all these biscuits are super A +, I immediately fell in love with GF chocolate peanut butter chocolate. I mean, every cookie goes to the oven that weighs almost 1/2 pounds. Laugh / cry.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Luvhaus Ametrine

Sean has recently introduced bold dots that pop up at any table. I like what's called ametrin. For the bold table.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Colleen Hennessey Ceramics

I'm never too far from a Colleen Hennessey cup in my kitchen. They mix and match nicely, they can reach the oven on the table and are durable (if you tend to be tough on cups and dishes).

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Ceramic ceramics

Julia opened a fantastic store this fall in Lower Haight, San Francisco. But if you can not personally visit, her site has a good choice of her job.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Julie Cloutier

Julie Cloutier cups and cups (and signature style) are a score for the minimalist cook in your life.

Vacation Gift Guide for cooks

Happy happy holidays! And, I hope this has helped your gift buying process a little bit :)! -h