Get rid of the disorders

This book on the right is important. You will know that until then the end of this position.

One of the great things about planning your day and motivating you to do things is to get rid of all these distractions on your head. On a daily basis we obviously think the same 98% of the things we thought the day before.

Get rid of the disordersWe live distant, and the worst is that we always find more and more things on the web to distract us from our goals instead of simplifying our lives.

I fall into this rescue trap as bad as anyone. I'm looking for a new digital camera and I must have spent 20 hours researching on forums, websites, Amazon reviews and more.

Again, earlier this month I was looking for a new pair of headphones to listen to movies and I went through the same process. I spent 10 hours deciding what headphones to buy and finally spent $ 23 on ebay for a pair of headphones. All these works do not deserve the time we spend.

The main help for many of our views are lists.

David Allen's Getting Things Done Fame tells that your mind will not let distractions and ideas and thoughts break up until you put them somewhere your mind will trust.

One thing I do in some parts of my life is to have lists. That's why other blogs will have a list of ideas after and for the whole house I do the same. Some parts of my mind are not always clear. I do not have all the procedures that exist.

A process is just as important as a list. If you were going to move, you would have 20 or 30 things you should do from now to the moving day. If you have this process down, then it stops your mind from thinking about distractions that may or may not be important for your movement.

So, in weight loss or improving your health, you have a new and important tool here in this post.

First, find all the things you are thinking about doing with your new lifestyle and write them down, you can expand on them now or later, but as soon as you develop your ideas for eating, exercising, ideas for better fast food, taking up old or new activities as soon as you can let your mind move to newer previously unknown ideas. I use a simple square notebook from the grocery store and I'm sure this simplicity would work well for you too.

Second, go through this list every day to add new items or delete items that were not important at the end. If you accept that you can write things down and realize that the list is not in stone and the items can be deleted later, then we will not rethink if something has to go to the list or not.

In moments that I am overwhelmed with distractions, I grab this book and read the notes I made in the past and do not apply and I also write everything that is in my mind. For me this is a great way to stay organized and not to be distracted by some of the things that do not matter as my mind sometimes thinks it is.