Fruits and vegetables – good carbohydrates

An interesting line I heard once has stuck with me for years when it comes to carbohydrates,

"If it's white, do not eat it"

This may be true for a few reasons I wanted to cover today. When we eat carbohydrates tend to come in all colors, fruits have all the colors, vegetables have all sorts of colors and bread, rice and potatoes some in one color often and it is white.

So why should we avoid all these white carbohydrates? There are two ways in which colored carbohydrates are better than white carbohydrates, but I do not think we ever heard why … so I will tell you now

White carbohydrates are low in water

Fruits and vegetables - good carbohydrates
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If you are looking for a way to lose then you need to eat high water foods. I have not written about it too much in the past, but fruits and all colored vegetables such as peppers or broccoli and other classic fruits and vegetables are high in water that will fill you with fewer calories. Having high food for water in the water also means that your body will be better hydrated with these lower calorie foods, but this is not the only reason to eat colored fruit and vegetables, but you also need it because ….

White carbohydrates are low in nutrients

If you are thinking about rice or potatoes and even white breads then you also want foods that lack many nutrients. Vegetables are too high in minerals and fruits are too high in vitamins. I know it's a generalization but I do not think I've ever heard that someone gets healthier with eating bread, rice and potatoes but they can all get healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables