Fried baked potatoes

Today's post is about charcoal. We moved a few weeks ago (right on the road), and that meant the collection of my cookbooks. It's a slow process because I tend to turn every book before boxing. Some books like to be open to a very favorite recipe or photo shoot, as is the case with NOPI (Ramael Scully & Yotam Ottolenghi). The recipe was their crispy, spicy potatoes. I did them for years before I left San Francisco and I was happy to visit them again recently.
Fried baked potatoes

The technique

These potatoes are brilliant because you get the tender, evenly cooked, starchy inside of the potatoes as opposed to the crispy, pan-blistered exterior. All without the use of a fryer. The trick is to quickly pre-boil the potatoes before seasoning, and then bake them in a hot oven. I include the NOPI spice method for paprika in the recipe below (slightly modified), but it will also include a list of variations we have loved over the years, in case you want to change it from time to time.Fried baked potatoes

Choosing the best potatoes

The potato you chose here is something of thin skin and waxy texture like Yukon Gold or another new potato. They retain their shape and structure as soon as they are cooked and are rich and creamy. That said, you can absolutely Use rusty potatoes if that's what you have. Your baked potatoes will still be good! Be careful not to boil them too much – start checking the potatoes for about 3 minutes at the boiling stage. Russian women begin to recede earlier than waxed new potatoes.
Fried baked potatoes

Variations on baked potatoes

Masla Fourni: Replace a favorite curry powder in place of paprikas. A teaspoon or two should be a good place to start. Or if you have the chana masala powder from the chana masala recipe, this is amazing with these french fries.

Coconut capsules: Instead of paprika and garlic, use a generous tablespoon of your favorite yellow or red curry pasta.

Lemon Feta Food: Use a lemon olive oil and finish with fresh lemon peel and grated parmesan when the potatoes are out of the oven. Bonus Points if you have Meyer lemons.

Great Wedges: Cut the potatoes into large wedges instead of matches and proceed with the recipe from there.

Simple Baked Sky Frying Pan: Pass the paprika, double the amount of garlic and add a tablespoon of chopped fresh rosemary.

Fried baked potatoes - Spices

If you are looking for other ways to use potatoes right now. These sprinkled potatoes are the next level, you could try the gnocchi or just make baked potatoes and keep it simple. Or browse these potato recipes. I also love this samana pie!

Contact Scully here and here. And get in touch with Yotam here and here! And, more information on the NOPI cookbook.