Free Ebook! Just live drinks

Free Ebook! Simply Live Drinks - Golubka Kitchen

Hello! We created a free ebook for you! It was just over two months since our new cooking book came out and we are still overflowing with gratitude for all those who bought the book and cooked from it. After three years of hard work in the manuscript, watching your planting creations under the #sim influibrantcookbook is seriously one of the most amazing pieces of our days. Another amazing part of this whole is reading your comments. It is no secret that reviews are extremely important for writers. The more reviews a book has, the more credibility it has on sites like Amazon, which then continue to show it to more people. Our ultimate goal is to help more people discover delicious ways of cooking with plants and every criticism is a step towards it. This is just to say that every bit helps, and that we are endlessly grateful to you to leave a review for Just alive, or even to do so in the future.
We knew we could not thank you enough with words, so we created the release of a thank-you card: an ebook with seven favorites, live drinks of all time that are not published anywhere else. We have covered everything from revitalizing twists, to rich, hot lattes, and dessert-inspired smoothies. See below to learn how to claim for free Just live drinks ebook and to see a preview of drinks inside.

Free Ebook! Simply Live Drinks - Golubka Kitchen

clockwise from the right: Horchata black rice and pepper, Latte cake velvet, milkshake macaroni, Smoothie Smoothie Smoothie

How To Claim Free For Free Just Your Own

1) If you have a copy of it Just alive, leave a sincere review of any length on Amazon. Click here to register or if you live anywhere else in the US, you can leave it on your Amazon, such as,, etc. If you have the book from somewhere else from the Amazon bookstore, gift from a friend, etc.), be sure to note where you got the book, since you will not have the "verified purchase" badge. If you have already left a review before posting this, go to step 2!

2) Take a screenshot of your review on your phone or computer.

3) Send an email to our screen: [email protected]

4) We will reply to your email with one Just live drinks download link. Allow us 12 hours of response. This is ­čÖé

Free Ebook! Simply Live Drinks - Golubka Kitchen

clockwise from the right: Blueberry Hibiscus Agua Fresca, Lemon Basil, Nettle Latte and a series

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