Forget "career inactivity" … Here is the real key to a career success that almost no one talks about.

We live in a world of "fast start", "how-to drivers", "career inactivity". This article is none of them. It's a different success story. And a powerful lesson on how to get to health, fitness and wellness or any other field.


Success Secrets.

Misleading productivity.

Tips, tricks and quick formulas.

I am often asked to share these as a tip. requests come when I'm interviewing podcasts, speaking at conferences, talking to journalists.

People who want to get into health and fitness – or almost any other field – want to learn:

How did you go from starting a health and fitness website with your friend …

… for the operation of a $ 200 million company with approximately 100 team members and over 100,000 clients in 120 countries.

… for consulting with companies like Apple, Equinox, Nike and Titleist.

… to be selected as one of the smartest / most influential people in the field?

And they Really You want to know:

What advice, method, shortcut do we recommend helping others do the same?

As you can probably tell, I'm not a big fan of these kinds of questions.

I can't blame people for the question, though.

After all, me also they want to learn from the people who have passed before me, the people I have succeeded in the way I hope to succeed.

But here's the problem:

I could single out a bunch of tips for my morning routine that allow me to run a business while I'm a father of four. But I don't think they'll matter if you're not also a father of four and already conducting a successful business.

Likewise, I don't think it was magical morning routines or growth slaps or tricks and tips that set me on the path to success.

In fact, I think it was something completely different.

Something we don't talk about often.

I call it "going under the rabbit hole".

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a fresh autumn day.

I was 21 years old, it was my first semester at the University and I had a meeting with my first mentor.

I was ambitious, I had big goals and I was excited to get some tips on how to plan my future.

I guess the meeting would be like this: He would hear me talk about my passions, my goals, and help me create an academic plan. You might even make suggestions for volunteering or internship opportunities.

As I came out of my love of all things exercise and nutrition, how my goal was to achieve a successful career with professional sports teams, athletes and athletes who wanted to eat, move and live better, his face was ugly.

I was completely unprepared for what he said next:

"This is great … but there is no great career for this. We have to be realistic here. There are very few jobs and the chances of you getting one of them are almost zero. You're a smart guy. Why don't we sign you? for Pre-Med? Med school will be a great path for you. "

I went out, with my head down, a backpack dragging the ground behind me.

Days passed and, yes, the fog finally lifted.

I thought … maybe he was wrong. Maybe I needed a second opinion. So in the coming weeks, I asked around. Looking for a ray of hope.

Almost everyone gave the same advice.

Be reasonable. I become a doctor. Forget this weird obsession exercise.

I was 21 years old from a family of blue collar immigrants. To whom I had not get advice from all these educated people? So I did the responsible, sensible thing. I signed up for Pre-Med, and I planned my course in medical school.

At the same time, part of me was crazy. Really crazy.

Who were they telling me what my potentials were? To shade my dream?

So, partly outrageous, but for the most part from this magnetic draw I felt towards health and fitness, sports and performance, I began to live a double life.

I've scraped together every dollar I've had. During the evenings and weekends I attended seminars covering fitness, nutrition and sports. I'm studying everything. I wrote free articles. I offer volunteer gyms and sports teams.

All in all, I was still expected to attend school.

But in the end, some curious and interesting paths were opened.

I found a peer group that was passionate about the things that interested me. (Surprisingly: I didn't find them in the fourth grade in Chemistry and Physics.) And I stumbled across formal and informal consultants.

Almost magically, more opportunities emerged, including offers to attend high school in the Science and Biochemistry Exercises. Invitations to high level athletes coaches. Contracts to write for influential posts.

Still, after graduating with a Pre-Med degree (and minors in Philosophy and Psychology), it was no small feat to turn off Med school offers. The voices were yet in my head. But I did.

And instead of going to Med School …

I fell under the health, fitness and rabbit hole diet.

Here I have understood:

Before Doctor Berardi, before Precision Nutrition, before I could see where everything was going for me, I did something that many people felt bad about: I followed my passion.

Not because it was part of some general plan. But because of everything I learned about health, fitness and nutrition made me want to know more.

So, although I didn't quit my day job, I didn't give up on the dream.

Instead of struggling with my own inner motivations, I went with it.

Instead of rowing up, I went with the current.

Ride the horses in the direction they go.

I went under the rabbit hole.

And here I am today.

The hidden cost of having a "master plan".

When it comes to our careers, our relationships, even our health and fitness, we have often learned to plan very strategically.

Whether it is mentors, business consultants, teachers, tutorials, e-books, blogs, podcasts, well-meaning parents or (seemingly) the whole Internet, we teach that we must plan our way at every step.

(The "hackers of life" and advocates of "accelerated learning" teach us that we can go through some of these steps.)

So we do.

We make checklists, we hit every item, we rush to finish, and we pray that our calculated maneuvers will lead success or fulfillment or connection (or what we think we need to feel happy about).

Unfortunately, this particular approach can be costly.

It could prevent us from experiencing some of the best, brightest and most unexpected by rewarding moments in life.

Even worse, could prevent us from profound learning and domination, which has been shown to give us satisfaction, that is,, and if you are a competitive person, a "foot in the competition".

Here's an approach I like a lot better.

I've found that there is tremendous joy – and amazing, unexpected rewards – coming from "going under the rabbit hole."

From looking deeply into something you are really passionate about.

By learning all the possibilities.

And from the "all in".

If exists They are a formula for the kind of success that most want, even if they don't know what it looks like yet, could be:

Powerful personal mission
High Capacity
Execution system
Personal and professional satisfaction

Take a look around.

You will find that there is almost nothing more powerful than someone with a deep motivation to do their job plus high level of skills plus a design or system to run every day.

Most people (in any field) only have one or two of them.

In some cases this may be enough.

However, if you have all three, you'll be surprised at what's going on.

It doesn't matter where you start from within what career begins.

It is interesting to note that most of the people at Precision Nutrition started in completely different fields:

  • The co-founder of Precision Nutrition Phil Caravaggio:
    He started out as a software engineer.
  • Krista Scott-Dixon Curriculum:
    He started as a college teacher in a different field.
  • Coach and Exercise Manager Craig Weller:
    He started in the forces of the Special Operations of the Navy.
  • Krista Schaus Trainer and Specialist:
    He started as a police officer.
  • Coach Brian St. Pierre:
    He started at his dad's paint shop.
  • Customer Care Specialist Sarah Masi:
    He started a house cleaning business.

Then there are the thousands of Nutrition Precision certification graduates.

During the last 6 months I met:

  • mothers workout online during maternity leave,
  • graduates fresh out of school ready to do something meaningful,
  • boomers coming out of retirement to give something back,
  • surgeons drop their scalpels and focus on preventive care,
  • investing bankers who are leaving the financial world and helping others lead healthier lives.

None of these people will guess their future will include work on health and fitness, client training and life changing.

But here it is today.

And let's not forget why she's here …

Everyone did something that most people don't.

They went "all in" to find out about their passion.

Even before leaving their daily chores.

Even before deciding:

"Yes, this will be my next career!"

They have learned everything they need to know about his ultimate joy. They were talking to the best experts. They took courses and certifications.

They went under the rabbit hole.

And they made an explosion to do it.

Then came the unintended, unexpected reward.

The inevitable paths and opportunities that seem to look magical. things you cannot learn when you are just starting out.

Elements like:

  • The satisfaction of learning all is that you need to know something that makes sense to you.
  • The profound personal pride that comes from posting for countless hours and eventually mastering this thing.
  • The amazing career paths that start, almost magically, opportunities that you never knew existed or weren't right for you, and
  • The unexpected joy I never thought you could get from work.

However, that's all for later.

For now, you just have to get started, wherever you are.

Take whatever your passion is, whatever you are excited about, whatever you hesitate to do, regardless of the inner voice that tells you to explore and …

… to explore this thing.

Go down the rabbit hole.

It won't be worse.

Chances are it will change your life.

What to do next:
Some tips from the Precision diet

1. & # 39; Fess up to yourself.

You probably already know what this thing is? what lights you up and makes you tick.

It's one thing you can't stop reading and researching, just for fun, even when it's late at night and you know it's really time to sleep.

It's the one thing you can't stop talking about … maybe the one thing you drive your family members with nuts, because you just can't arrange for that.

It's the thing you're full of. You can't get enough. You might even say you're a little obsessed.

This thing? Accept it.

You don't necessarily have to plan a career change or do something drastic. Just give yourself permission to 'get down the rabbit hole' of learning, exploration and experimentation.

2. Look for role models.

Who is already doing what you would like to do? Who is inspirational or exciting to you?

Keep track of the people involved in the field or topic you are interested in.

Is there a way to learn from them, watch them, talk to them or ask questions?

Don't just wait for the magic formula to be given to you. But take advantage of every opportunity to observe and learn.

And don't displace people who aren't on Instagram or don't get all the attention. Ask Yourself: Who Else Works in this Industry? From what else can I learn?

Make a wide net. Aim to observe and learn all you can.

3. Put your hand up.

Look for opportunities to ask questions, get feedback and learn what you can.

Attend a lecture and participate in R&D.

Write letters on your role models.


Do things: Write articles, join projects, conduct experiments. Do it for free, in your spare time. Do it in the lesson and for his own pleasure.

Don't worry too much about paying now. Just plant the seeds.

4. Continue your education.

Education should not just come from traditional education (not that there is anything wrong with it). These days, many options are available, for almost any industry.

If you ask me, there has never been a better time to learn anything. Courses, books, certifications, lessons … the world is your educational oyster.

The trick: choose educational opportunities from proven sites that you trust and respect. Take your time and do your research.

And then, after you sign up, make sure you show up.

And you all go in.

What if you could make one real difference in the lives of others – and never feels confused about eating again?

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