Fitness I Internationally recognized as the healthiest way to eat

In recent years, the nutrition community has confirmed that there is a very powerful and very reasonable diet: That is the best comprehensive diet in the United States for six consecutive years – DASH diet!

Fitness I International Recognized as the most healthy way to eat

DASH diet, Chinese literal translation “Deshu diet”. The full name of the English: DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Trial), literal translation is “prevention and treatment of high blood pressure diet”, the first is based on a large-scale hypertension prevention and treatment program in the United States in 1997.

So the benefits of the DASH diet are clear: prevention and treatment of high blood pressure is definitely quite effective!

Fitness I International Recognized as the safest way to eat

Studies have shown that adhering to the DASH diet can achieve a lowering of blood pressure.

In addition, there are many studies showing that the DASH diet is equally beneficial for preventing risks such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

And DASH DrinkThe reason why food is so famous is that it has won other common eating patterns for 6 consecutive years and won a national medical nutritionist. Definitely, become the best integrated diet

Additional note:

DASH diet stands out in 35 dietary patterns in 2015 ;

In 2016, “winning” from 38 common eating patterns again;

In addition, in the 2015 national diet model, TLC diet ranked second, Mediterranean diet Weight Watchers and Mayo Clinic are tied for third place;

The last in the 2015 national diet model is the Paleo diet and the Dukan diet in Phase 4.

Scientists say that the best comprehensive diet is good.

Features of DASH Diet:Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet and eat more potassium Calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber and other nutrients that help lower blood pressure.

Sodium reduction

Limiting sodium intake can help lower your blood pressure This needless to say. So In the DASH diet, sodium reduction is the key!

DASH Diet There are two recommended values ​​for daily sodium intake:

  • Standard DASH diet, recommended daily sodium intake does not exceed 2300mg (≈6g salt)

  • Low sodium DASH diet, it is recommended The daily sodium intake does not exceed 1500mg (≈4g salt)

Fitness I Internationally recognized as the healthiest eating style

The latest “(2015) American Dietary Guidelines” It is also a clear recommendation that the daily sodium intake should not exceed 2300mg, and then the previous edition of (2010) American Dietary Guidelines, the recommended sodium intake is no more than 1500mg……

❷ What should I eat?

That DASH diet recommends everyone to eat?

I suggest you eat more:

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Whole Grains

  • Milk (especially recommended for low fat, skimmed)

  • Lean meat with high protein content, Fish

  • Nuts, Seeds

  • Positive Oils

Fitness I is the most healthy way to eat internationally

❸ What is not recommended?

In addition, the DASH diet clearly recommends that you eat less:

  • Foods with high saturated fat, fat, etc.

  • Sweet drinks, desserts

  • High sodium food

Fitness I Internationally recognized as the healthiest eating style

Total In terms of DASH diet, the recommended dietary guidelines for the “Resident Dietary Guidelines” issued by China and the United States in the past few years are the same:

Emphasize a balanced diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Class, eat less processed foodproducts (high sodium, high sugar, high fat), is indeed a recommended, balanced, sustainable healthy diet the way.


1. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and low-fat skim milk products

2. Recommend whole grains, fish, poultry, and dried fruits

3. Eat less saturated fat, cholesterol, and trans fats. Food

4. Control sodium, dessert, sugary drinks and high-fat meat intake

Fitness I Internationally recognized as the healthiest eating style

How to eat in daily life? How much does each type of food eat?

First look at the nutritional makeup of a reasonable daily DASH diet

Fitness I Internationally recognized as the healthiest eating style

Want to eat Combine the best diet, save the picture below is enough!

Fitness I Internationally recognized most Healthy eating style

Additional instructions

Because DASH diet is for the prevention of high blood pressure , so it recommends the diet structure, although healthy, but the intake of sodium and saturated fats are relatively more strict…

Considering fitness Children’s shoes, daily sweating and energy consumption are relatively large, compared with the nutritional needs of the general population, there are certain differences, so it is still necessary to adjust according to their own circumstances.