Fitness and diet relationships and precautions

Nowadays, many people have fitness, some people are for a charming figure, men are for full muscles, some people want to make themselves healthier, others are just to lose weight. Of course, if you want to achieve your own goals, you want to control your weight, bodybuilding, not only exercise, but in addition to daily persistence, pay attention to diet is also very important

fitness and diet relations and precautions

In general, your purpose The difference is that the recipe for your choice after fitness is definitely different. For example, your fitness goal is to lose weight, if not very hungry, then you can eat a little fruit or a little coarse grain before fitness; if you just want to practice muscle, then you can eat a little protein, beans.

In addition, you should also pay attention after fitness, can not eat after fitness. Fitness is generally for muscle gain and impairment. In this case, after exercise, due to the large amount of exercise, the body’s sugar, protein, fat and other decomposition, will produce more acid than usual. At this time, don’t eat candy, meat, but it will increase the acidity in the blood, which is not good.

fitness and diet relationships and precautions

When you are exercising, the body’s water, sugar, fat and other consumption are more. Then remember to replenish in time after fitness. For example, mineral water, fruit, milk, and soy products are good choices.

A meal after training should avoid eating protein foods that are difficult to digest, such as chicken, beef, steak, etc., but should choose milk, eggs, and high protein. Easy to digest food. The purpose of eating at this time is to deliver sufficient amino acids to the muscles to provide raw materials for muscle growth.

The last important thing is that enough sleep is also essential.

fitness and diet relationships and considerations