Fitbit connects the 90-year-old man to the death of Stepdaughter: Police

Researchers have charged an elderly California man with the murder of his 67-year-old fiddler after Fitbit's data, along with surveillance records, which allegedly linked him to the scene of murder.

According to police information gathered by the people, Anthony Aiello, 90, was arrested on September 25th for a first-degree murder charge.

Police report in the report that Aiello shot down and killed Karen Navarra, the daughter of a 92-year-old husband, on September 8th.

Her remains were found at her home in San Jose on September 13, after their relatives asked the police to ask for prosperity control.

When the police arrived, the knife of the kitchen that had been used to cut her neck and head was found to protrude from one of the hands of Navarre.

The police report on the assassination claims that Aiello told the investigators that she had last seen Navarra on September 8, when she stopped from home to bring her food.

He told detectives he was in Navarre's home for no more than 15 minutes, according to the police report.

But the police managed to regain the neighborhood surveillance screenshots that confirm that the Aiello car parked on the Navarre road for more than 20 minutes.

They also discovered data from the Navarra Fitbit device.

The police report shows that the information showed that Navarra's heart rate rose at about 3:20 pm. on September 8, at the same time Aiello's car can see on its way.

The data also show that her heart rate began to slow down, eventually stopped at 3:28 pm, according to the police report.

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Elijah refused to find herself at the house of Navarre at the time of the murder and told the police that someone else should be in his shop window.

"During the interview, Aiello faced the information from Fitbit and the corresponding surveillance video showing that his car was on the highway," the police report said. "After explaining Fitbit's ability to record time, physical and heart rate data," the researchers told Aiello that Navarra had died before leaving.

Aiello "denied that he was present when he was killed and suggested that someone else might be at home," the report said.

Aiello is detained without warranty.

He will probably be asked to raise his opinion on Thursday.

It was unclear on Wednesday if he was represented by a lawyer who could comment on his behalf.

Fitbit did not respond to PEOPLE's request for a comment.