Financial planners need training when they are training financial planners?

With the launch of many wealth management projects, the demand for financial planners by financial institutions such as insurance companies, banks, and securities companies is increasing year by year, and the salary level of financial planners is relatively high. Therefore, many candidates are increasingly favoring the career of financial planners, which makes the number of financial planners who apply for each year increase year by year, and the competitive pressure of examinations is getting bigger and bigger. Many candidates worry about whether they can pass the exam and want to If you need to report to the class, let’s let Xiaobian come to you.

Financial Planner Training Hours, Financial Planners Need Training

First of all, the financial planner’s exam does not oblige candidates to participate in the training. There are certain conditions for applying for financial planners, as long as the candidates are qualified. In accordance with the financial planning planner’s qualifications, you can take the test without your own training. About the registration requirements of financial planners Candidates can enter the financial planner exam channel to view. For undergraduates who are themselves learning financial knowledge, many of the exams are actually taught to the teachers in the teaching of the school. Usually, students who want to get financial planners can pass through their own studies. No need to report. However, for candidates who do not have a lot of financial knowledge, Xiao Bian still suggests that they can apply for a training course to help them learn. After all, the financial planner’s exam involves extensive financial knowledge, and candidates also have some practical experience. It is not very easy to master, and it is better for such candidates to participate in the training of some regular financial planners, which is more conducive to candidates passing the financial planner exam.

For those candidates whose working years cannot meet the requirements for entry, they need to participate in financial planner training. In the professional plan of financial planners, the examination time for participating in the assistant financial planner is more than 120 hours. The exam training for financial planners is more than 120 hours, and the training time for candidates taking the senior financial planner exam is more than 100 hours.

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