Favorite list (5.19.19)

A new list of links, recipes, reading and gems for next week. Enjoy!

– Watching this: Street Food – the Jay Fai episode is gold.

– Excited about: Heirloom, Monk of Origin, 100% Cardamom without pesticides

– This podcast

To Cook: Hetty's Gozleme, this, this, this, that, & that.

– Reading This: Normal People (Sally Rooney)

– Watching this: But I would suggest you read it first. And then listen to this as you watch the turn.

– Desirable: these, this (update: bought and love), this, more than that, & all.

– Rick Steve

– A non-woman girl: Elizabeth Praet

– Wayne got a Criterion subscription for his birthday (Xo Souris! & JP) – Agnes Varda's Uncle Yanco, 1968 Mexican Olympics, Les Blank's Gap Toothed Women (1987)

Also! I wrote a pretty large community garden park (!), And I will publish more about over time in my Instagram, but let me know if you have some favorite gardening books or resources. I need all the help I can find!