Favorite list (11.23.18) – 101 cooking books

A double dose of links, recipes, podcasts and reading for the big weekend. Enjoy!

– The John Lennon Records had in his Playlist Spotify

– Reading: Cafe Backbone Cafe (New York)

– Not just for Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Recipes of the New World Rancho Gordo

– The Best Books of Autumn 2018 (Eater)

– In Marrakech, Adobe House One Designer is so colorful with its ceramics (NY Times)

– Donation: Chef's World Central Chef José Andrés has served over 75,000 meals in communities affected by North California's fires.

– Listening to: playlist Narcos (Spotify)

– Tribute to Starbucks (Eater)

– Movie Night: Kasama Infinity: Coming Soon …

– Listening: Nigella to Ottolenghi's new podcast

– Reading: Small fires everywhere

– Loans: Kiva (101 book groups – $ 439k to date)

– Podcast: Sold in America (Noor Tagouri)

– Lanzhou, China hand-pulled noodle school

– A popular uprising in the country Amish is beginning to find meaning in politics

– Mumbai is a city of bread: From a Part Chutney Bread to a century-old "puriwala"

– "I'll go if I do not have at least 5 jars of this spicy chilli" (NY Mag / The Strategist)

-In a 17th century Portuguese and Japanese cookbook, recipes for candy, cake and early tempura (Atlas Obscura)

– Reading: Is the second crisis in us? (Political Consumption)

– Watch: Christiane Amanpour newish show interview (PBS) – or (!) Podcast of

– Listening: Mirah's new album "Understanding" (streaming)

– Reading: What R.O. Kwon can not live without (NY Mag / The Strategist)