Favorite, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

I make a version of these cinnamon rolls almost every year for Christmas. The first time I did it was in 2010, inspired by the release of Lotta Jansdotter's book. They are beautiful. All LOVE their. The basic recipe is for a version of the beautiful, homemade, hot Lotta oven, full of sugar and spices, golden, buttery, classic cinnamon rolls.
Favorite scroll roller recipe

Cinnamon Roll Basics

To make cinnamon cinnamon, start by making a butter dough dough. I know some of you are avoiding dough recipes because of the perceived difficulties, but these are really fun. One thing you need to know, it takes time. You will need to let the dough rest and rise at various points, but most of the time it is not active, so do not let this prevent you. Also, once you get things done, you can play around with all the different fills in future batches. If you want to explore something beyond cinnamon sugar, the filling can be anything from jam, sweet compound butter, flavored cream cheese. Have fun, experiment and use this recipe as a jump.
Favorite scroll roller recipe

How to make cinnamon rolls: The process

Making cinnamon rolls goes like this. Stir in the dough. Let's get up. Take it out. Put the filling. Roll. Slice. (Freeze here if you go that route). Another rise. Frizz. Lotta sprinkles cinnamon cakes with pearl sugar before baking, which gives them a nice crunchy top, but I know a lot of people like a crunchy cherry – in the horror of some Swedes, I would say. They sometimes serve these w / raw sugar on top and the icing on the side and often use the icing on these cookies.
Rolls cinnamon filled with cinnamon sugar


I've made small tweaks over the years reflected here. Above you see a version of cinnamon rolls topped with glaze. Alternatively, you can make a simple sugar sprinkle before baking. I include both instructions below. You can also play with the flour. I have made versions with a percentage of rye and also wholemeal flour for a rustic kiss. There are some great ideas in the comments as well.
Favorite scroll roller recipe

Do Ahead Magic

One of the great things about these cinnamon rolls is that you can prepare them ahead of time. You can still freeze the pre-rolled rolls. The night before you are ready to bake, let them thaw, cover, on your counter and bake them in the morning.
Favorite scroll roller recipe

More ideas:

There are many ways to go from classic cinnamon rolls to something else. Here are some of the ideas that have emerged over the years. For the vegans out there, Shannon notes: "1 cup of whole wheat flour and used coconut milk and a flax, noodle and whipped cream." I make a version of icing with creme fraiche, always a hit, but buttermilk is too much, and easier to come by.

Danielle had this to add: "I add 1 teaspoon of the caramel soup that I ordered to Etsy, and put it over the top!" I like this idea and I strongly encourage experimenting with other spice blends. I sometimes make them with a cinnamon, rose petal, sesame blend. It is also difficult to go wrong using a little lemon zest at the bottom of the baking tray.

Favorite scroll roller recipe

Hope you love them as we have over the years!