Fast Weight Loss The Secret To Success? Or are only successful people staying in weight loss studies?

There was a lot of buzz last week about a new study that allegedly found "fast weight loss can be the key to preventing diabetes".

I am obviously saying that the petition did not concern a published study, but rather a presentation given at the EASD 2018 Annual Meeting on the publication of a one-day PREVIEW study.

The presentation reported that 3 years after the initial rapid, meal-induced weight loss diet, through 4 different dietary strategies, 96% had not developed type 2 diabetes.

This contrasts with the results of the United States-based Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study (DPS) and the United States-based Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), none of which included the initial rapid loss of 2-month meal replacement and where participants without diabetes in 3 years DPS and DPP were 91% and 86% respectively.

So, yes, the results of PREVIEW were better.

Or was it?

While DPS and DPP had a tremendous retention of the participants (92% and 92.5% respectively), the PREVIEW results come from just 41% of the original participants, while 59% were lost for follow up in 3 years.

What drives me to wonder if the results of PREVIEW deserve much publicity as it is a huge loss to continue and it is quite likely that people who will probably follow 3 years later are the ones who did the best to keep their losses . So I suspect that even here the success depends only on attachment and not on the method of weight loss.

Finally, as always, I will point out that there is no better way, and this report, either in a study with incredibly low maintenance or otherwise, suggests to the public and to health professionals that there may be a right or better thing, despite that different strategies will work differently for different people, which I would say in turn, undermines patient care.

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