Every physician needs to know which common medications cause the greatest weight gain

Whilst it would be wonderful if all primary care physicians are interested enough to understand how to cope with the routine state of their practices, really go out of their way and devote time to learning how to do it, there is a minimum that I think they need to know and that's what medications help to increase their body weight and weight friendly alternatives.

Last week, my friend and colleague Sean Wharton, along with his colleagues, published an open access article summarizing drugs and weight gain and I think you should read it for all prescribers.

And for those who struggle with clicks, here is a summary of their summary through the various article tables because, while it may be too much to ask all MDs to actually take the time to learn about obesity, understanding what drugs are more likely than others to cause weight gain is something that there is no excuse for not knowing.

[Cautionary note: If you’re currently on one or more of the medications that are shown below to lead to greater weight gain, please don’t stop it without first consulting with your prescriber, but do feel free to bring these lists along with you to discuss whether or not there are possible alternatives]

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