Etruscan pasta sauce from the Grannies pasta range

I thought it might be fun to cook some recipes together this year. Recipes that are new to me, and probably to you. I keep a constant list of recipes I want to try from cookbooks, magazines, websites and e-books, and this Etruscan pasta sauce is at the top for a while. I was watching him watching the Vicky Benisson Pasta Grannies series on You Tube. It was the sauce in the video with the nonna Luigina in La Vialla, an Agriturismo near Arezzo, Italy that took me. A quick slurry of sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, parsley and garlic, tossed with pasta. It is fast, powerful, customizable and does not disappoint.

Pasta with Etruscan sauce

Grannies pasta video shows how to make a homemade pasta pici to serve with Etruscan sauce. If you have the time and the inclination, by all means make the pici! It's one of my favorite pasta recipes, easy to make even if you've never tasted fresh pasta before. That being said, I was a little pinched for the time when I searched for it and arrived for a box of pasta radiatori disorder instead. The Etruscan sauce was beautifully over all the ridges and curves and there was no regrets. If you're Italian and upset about my pasta selection, I apologize in advance. It may not be "right" but it sure was delicious.
Pasta with Etruscan sauce

I followed my path through much of the Grannies Pasta archive (I love all people!) And was lucky enough to meet the creator of the Vicky series when he came to Los Angeles to promote his Grannies Pasta cookbook on Now Serving. If you haven't seen it before, keep your eyes peeled. I'm so inspired by these women, and the book with her stories is a good companion to the video series. If you're more of an Instagram person against You Tube, you can also find Vicky & Pasta Grannies here.
Pasta with Etruscan sauce

Etruscan Sauce

Return to the recipe – the sauce is a soup of sorts, it gets thinner (a little) when you add it to the pasta along with a little with just pasta water. The recipe method listed below will have a good amount left over, so here's a quick snapshot of other ways to use it.

For beginners, this is a sauce that is A + sliced ​​on all sauces and bread or toasted – crostini, flatbreads, pizza, paratha, sandwich etc. You can add a spoon to a bowl of beans for a quick bean salad. I threw a spoonful of hot lettuce for a side salad at lunch, so good. And you won't be sorry if you combine them with fried artichokes. Let me know any other ideas you have in the comments.
Pasta with Etruscan sauce

Let's cook!

I love the idea of ​​getting this site back to its roots – cooking from inspirational recipes and cookbooks, vintage & modern. So this will be the theme this year. And, I think it will be more fun if we cook recipes together! If you end up making these pasta in the next week or two, post a note or tag a photo or video on Instagram so I can see it (@heidijswanson // # 101cookbooks)! I will talk about helpful tips, photos, ideas, ideas and riffs that we come across collectively. I'll also be posting some video clips tomorrow on my "highlights" if you want to see how Etruscan Sauce pasta came together for me.

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