Eight causes of over-consumption of food

Eight causes of over-consumption of foodThere are many causes of over-consumption of food and few reasons why people are over, but one of the main reasons I think is overeating. When I say overeating, I mean that during the day, instead of eating 1500 to 2000 calories, the average person will eat a lot more. There are eight reasons I can think of over-eating and if you look at this list, no matter who you are, you will find some exercises to consume excess calories.

Find your cause of overconsumption

1. Bypassing meals and snacks The first cause of overconsumption is inconsistent consumption. Your body seems to work like a pendulum where if you eat enough food at a meal it will keep you on the next meal but if you miss a meal your body will overlap and you end up eating much more the next time you get the normal time . That is why the breach of meals is so bad.

2. Lack of sleep This is my true cause of over-consumption. If you are tired, you lose control and you will also eat things that you just do not have to spend a little of a jump of blood sugar. This is very obvious that I find on Fridays when I will be a little sleep deprived and I will eat too much sugar compared to Monday when I feel well rested.

3. Large portions Checking the portions is the biggest change that most people can do in their diet. If you understand how many calories you need in one day and divide it by six to make three meals and three snacks, you will find that your serving should not be as big as you eat now. Try using a smaller plate and just eat until you're satisfied instead of how much is on your plate. This cause of over-consumption is terrible because you will not be able to use these calories anyway

4. Heavy heavy foods The bagels, as a type of over-consumption, are an example of a very heavy food. Low water content and high carbohydrate content. We need to look at your diet and see if there are examples of these kinds of foods. some other examples would be fatty fried foods and even heavy bakeries.

5. Television ads or food smells This is a favorite cause of over-consumption for me. I will sit at home watching evening TV and there will be a hamburger brand. Now I'm a big eater hamburger but at 9 pm? This is crazy. The other for me that is tough is the Kentucky chicken. It's quite interesting that the KFC smell crashes me when I drive in the car but not when I ride my bike. I once did a very bad reaction to grease in a KFC barrel and I did not eat anybody in at least 8 or 9 years now so never to smell the smell but it definitely smells.

6. It's not Fiber enough One way to stop overeating is Fiber and raw food is always good for your filling. If you do not eat enough fiber in your diet, you will get extra calories just to help you fill up. A bowl of all the bran to start your day would probably be enough.

Artificial sweeteners Aspartame and saccharin are examples of artificial sweeteners that will make you enjoy more of a food because it is low in calories. But wait! What about fat. Just because a food does not have sugar does not mean it is not low in calories. You can stop overeating by taking these diet drinks as causing fat problems.

8. Stress The last cause of overconsumption is stress. Stress causes some people to overeat. When you are tense or anxious go for extra food or snacks? If so, you should be the kind of person with a fridge filled with crispy vegetables such as carrots and celery, so you have a smaller calorie snack to eat in these difficult times. Also, by getting to the root of anxiety and dealing with it and dropping some exercise into your program to help keep your posture in a firmer keel, you will also help.

What is the biggest cause of over consumption?

This is really something you need to think about just making sure you know what the factors causing the cause of over consumption will be enough to avoid them in the future.