Effective drug formula for citrus leaf miner

Leaf moth

The worm body of the leaf miner is very small, nocturnal, rapid reproduction, long time, many fruit farmers like to dive The leaf moth is called “drawing insect” and “ghost character” because the leaf miner leaves a curved worm on the surface of the citrus leaf, leaving a dung line in the middle, just like a ghost.

 Effective drug formula for citrus leaf miner

Lepidoptera moth mainly harms new shoots and shoots of citrus And young shoots. Seedlings and young trees are highly susceptible to larvae due to their many shoots, and the damage is more serious than adult trees.

Share the effective drug formula of Mr. Lu Wenzhao:

1 chlorofluoro. thiamethoxam 2000 times; 2 chlorofluorothiathiamide 2000 times; 3 5% chlorofluorocyanate 2000 times ten times 5% acetamiprid 2000 times; 4 1% carbaryl salt 1200 times ten 25% thiamethoxam 2000 times; 5 20% fenprofen 2000 times ten 10% piran Imidacloprid 1500 times.

In addition, it can also be used for the prevention and treatment of butyl sulphate, chlortetracycline and diflubenzuron.

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