Eat, don’t mind what to eat

Occasionally, I will also invite individual friends to eat at home. One of the “individual” standards is a good friend, and the second is… very important point, the other party must be cooking and childish, and there is no foodie’s tongue.

Because…because my cooking skills are even worse, I’m going to take a look at my sword. I dare say that if you cook the second best, no one dares to say that you are the first.

My housekeeping dishes have been for decades, and the eggs are fried with tomato and curry instant noodles.

Fortunately, now the seasoning has become an industry, as long as you buy the seasoning package, Kendo spends a little money to buy the real material, based on my decades of “egg fried tomatoes” The experience of the fire, the kitchen utensils, and occasionally pretending to be a chef who has already withdrawn from the rivers and lakes, is also the best supporting actress nominated for the “Golden Rooster Award”.

Why do you have to pretend to be a chef who has already withdrawn from the rivers and lakes?

Because there is no legend in my rivers and lakes! As a “pre-media person in general” and “a generation of soft-text masters”, this logic, reasoning, investigation, and third-party proof of craftsmanship can be thrown.

Can you report it? Haha.

But… I dare to invite friends to eat at home, there is a killer – my collection of tableware is very beautiful, is a souvenir I have traveled around for years.

A cherry blossom season in Japan is completely fascinated by those delicate cherry blossoms.

Buy a set of expensive night cherry blossom plates.

eat, don't mind what to eat

eat, don't mind what to eat

Dinner, don't mind what to eat

Dinner, don't mind eating What

eat, don't Mind what to eat

One day, I would like to invite @ to have a brunch at home.

@ is the friend who best meets the standards of my family. She always praises my curry instant noodles, tomato scrambled eggs and various kinds of rice with a good appetite. I am amazed at the beautiful tableware tea sets. On the head, I will also play some favorite music, which makes us a simple brunch often. Like the Queen’s diplomatic afternoon tea in the magnificent palace.

Because of such a simple meal, the people around the gossip become our most important meeting…say more, even her singular and beautiful sister and my tall and handsome brother We have not escaped.

I and @ are friends from elementary school. At that time, the most beautiful thing about us was that the admirers tweeted to express their love for our two brothers.

I didn’t know how to do it at that time… The fans’ gifts that my sister’s brothers dismissed were all squandered by us, and the story about chocolate enlightenment came from this. Please read the blue word in detail, empty is empty, talk about chocolate

@, still versatile and beautiful, still I am waiting for a small idol.

“What about your three brothers? How? Or are the worshippers chasing them to go home to hide in Tibet?”

“All the three brothers They are all long, and they come home to smile and look satisfied.”

“Two days ago, I saw a sister of your sister who has been calling downstairs in your house… Hey, you said Does your brother-in-law have a sense of crisis? Who was the pursuer who went to the United States in the past? If you come back now, how many chances are there?”

“I have a friend whose biggest dream is to be you, soon I met before, she is still asking you… my brother’s recent situation”

I am really bored with @… So, please eat, don’t care about meals.

Actually… People @ is an electromechanical equipment manufacturer that is doing big business. She never dislikes the garbage and poor design of my room, always praises and intoxicates… so moved. This year’s Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress, I nominate her.

eat, don't mind what to eat

eat, don't mind what to eat

eat, don't mind what to eat

By the way, please ask your nephew friends to have more tricks: Put your flowers in the house and make the table beautifully beautiful…Where have you seen this situation, especially In the gray winter.

Even if you are eating instant noodles, the other party will remember that in the winter of a certain year, there was a beautiful night in Kunming.

Kunming local friends generally do not eat this set: Do you want to buy flowers? Then why not buy pea powder, don’t buy a knife, duck, don’t buy cold rice noodles… How is the flower enough? !

With the Kunming friends who are used to seeing flowers, this money can be saved.

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