Ear pain symptom check

The method of detecting ear pain caused by middle ear disease is as follows:

1. Tympanic membrane trauma

There is tearing pain in the rupture, accompanied by tinnitus, deafness and a small amount of bleeding. Tympanic membrane perforation.

2. Bullous tympanic membrane

Sudden onset of persistent tingling, blistering, a small amount of fluid, pain relief.

3. Acute non-suppurative otitis media

Inflammation in the ear, mild pain or tenderness, hearing loss, tympanic membrane puncture and a small amount of fluid, the symptoms are relieved.

4. Acute suppurative otitis media

has severe earache, mostly with pulse beat, may be associated with headache, meningeal irritation and vomiting, fever, tympanic membrane perforation Or after the incision and drainage, the symptoms are slightly relieved, and there is a pulsating pus from the perforation; if the symptoms persist, there is tenderness in the mastoid, and acute mastoiditis should be considered.

5. Acute exacerbation of chronic suppurative otitis media

If accompanied by symptoms such as chills, fever, headache, vomiting, etc., complications should be considered, especially in cholesteatoma Otitis media.

6.Pneumatic traumatic otitis media

has a history of air pressure mutations such as flight or diving, especially when the eustachian tube is dysfunctional, earache can occur, accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness and hearing loss. .

7. Middle ear cancer

There was only pain in the beginning, and it continued to be dull and painful in the late stage. It was aggravated at night, often accompanied by headache, dizziness, facial paralysis and bloody secretions of the ear canal. Granuloma-like mass, brittle, easy to hemorrhage, biopsy confirmed.