Drinking orange juice daily "reduces the risk of dementia by nearly 50 percent"

Middle-aged men who consume orange juice daily may reduce the chance of cognitive decline, according to a new study published in the journal Neurology.

The survey included almost 28,000 men whose diets were monitored for two decades, starting when they were 51 years old.

Based on the results of the four-year test, the researchers also found that since the late 1970s, men who consumed most vegetables in previous decades were 17% less likely to have moderate cognitive problems and 34% less likely to have "extensive" cognitive issues.

Only 6.9 people who drank orange juice daily had poor cognitive function. The percentage is 8.4% for men who drink orange juice less than once a month.

The study's principal reviewer, Changzheng Yuan, said: "The protective role of regular fruit juice consumption was mainly observed in older men. Since fruit juice is usually high in calories from concentrated fruit sugars, it is generally better to consume only a small glass (four to six ounces) a day.

"Consumption of fruit and vegetables can be a piece of the puzzle to preserve mental health and should be seen in conjunction with other behaviors that are believed to support cognitive health."