Don’t think that cancer is terrible, don’t be cancerous! Cancer experts broke the news

The cancer expert who is affectionately known by the Japanese people as the conscience of the medical profession – Kondo, is a radiologist at Keio University Hospital in Japan. He has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years and dared to publish many related issues with the public. Medical advice that people dare to say. He was born into a family of doctors and graduated from the Keio University School of Medicine. He then went to the United States to study and obtained his Ph.D. After returning to China, he served as a lecturer in the Department of Radiology at the Keio University School of Medicine, specializing in radiation therapy for cancer. He is also a pioneer in breast retention therapy in the country.

Do not think that cancer is terrible, don't get cancer When the cancer expert broke the news

The merits of the society were highly praised by the whole society and won the 60th Kikuchi wide award in 2012 (the winners are all against Japan) People from all walks of life who have made great contributions to culture). There are many best-selling books that sound medical alarms, such as “Don’t worry about cancer,” “Patients, don’t fight cancer,” “Cancer’s laissez-faire therapy.”

Do not think that cancer is terrible, don't get cancer When! Cancer experts broke the news

Follow me to listen to his warnings——

1. What is terrible is not cancer, but the treatment of cancer. Why do some people who are originally very spiritual, after getting cancer, can’t last long? This is because they have received treatment for cancer. As long as you don’t treat cancer, the patient will keep his mind clear until the last moment of his life. As long as the treatment is done properly, the body can move freely. There are many cancers that won’t hurt. It hurts, and the pain is controllable.

If you don’t have symptoms such as pain, discomfort, and inability to eat, but you have found cancer in your company’s medical examination, then this cancer must be a pseudo-cancer. 99% of breast cancers that can be detected by mammograms are pseudo-cancers, but most patients still undergo mastectomy, so please be careful.

2. True cancer is not found early. At the moment of the birth of the first cancer stem cell, the time for the cancer to take away the host life has been determined, but because of the early detection, the apparent survival time of the cockroach has become longer. Therefore, in many cases, we must look at the 10-year survival rate to determine whether a patient has been cured.

3. The surgery is a serious injury caused by an artificial. After the operation, the physical strength will drop, the body will be easily infected, and there may be sequelae that can not be cured for a lifetime. It is also common to die on the operating table. If the doctor advises you to have an operation, then you should think about it carefully. What happens after you have finished the operation, the more specific you think, the better. And surgery is very likely to stimulate cancer. There is an image in the medical profession: When an operation is performed, the cancer cells will explode, and it will be like a thunder. Because the surgery will leave a wound, and the wound destroys the barriers of normal cells, the cancer cells in the blood will take advantage of it. Accelerated reproduction, and eventually broke out.

4. Chemotherapy is highly toxic. The only adult cancers that can be cured with chemotherapy are acute leukemia, malignant lymphoma, testicular cancer, and uterine villi cancer, and these cancers account for only about 10% of all cancers. Whether chemotherapy can prolong the life of patients remains to be proven, and the toxicity of the drug is very strong, which can cause serious side effects. The older you are, the longer you smoke, and the more obvious the toxicity of chemotherapy.

5.90% of cancers, regardless of treatment, have the same survival time. How to develop medicine, true cancer can not be cured by manpower. The moving stories of 〝 cancer disappearing, miraculously surviving, and so on are mostly related to pseudo-cancer. Pseudocarcinoma is just like the acne on the face. It doesn’t matter if it is, it will disappear naturally, but the doctor can advertise through the media that we have cured the cancer.

6. Even if the doctor determines that you have cancer, if you don’t feel pain, it is better to wait and see. If you really want to treat, then please investigate and see if the doctor’s diagnosis is correct.

7. The operation was successful and the cancer was cured. Even if the surgery is perfect, it is impeccable, and solid cancers will definitely recur.

8. The more advanced therapies, the more careful you should be. A lot of technology is still in the experimental stage, and the word “advanced” can be crowned, and the patient will be led by the nose. In short, please be careful about the treatment with the advanced 〞 word.

9. The inspection method is to emit X-rays from 360° and shoot the cross section of the human body. The radiation dose of one CT examination is equivalent to 200 to 300 times that of ordinary X-ray film! The radiation dose of one CT scan is sufficient to induce cancer.

10. Strengthening immunity is not conducive to the prevention and treatment of cancer, and can even be said to be completely ineffective. Why? Because the role of immune cells is to attack foreign bodies, but cancer cells are made up of the body’s own cells, the human immune system does not treat cancer cells as enemies. The reason why cancer can grow to 1 cm in diameter is because it is because NK immune cells do not treat cancer cells as enemies. This is the ironclad that the immune system cannot kill cancer cells.

Do not think that cancer is terrible, don't get cancer When! Cancer experts broke the news

What should we do?

We can learn the stones that are constantly rolling. The rolling stones are not mossy. As long as you have more active body and turn your brain, the body will not rust.

As long as the feelings become richer, there are emotions and sorrows every day, and our feelings (visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch) will not become dull.

Leave away from things that make you unhappy and cherish the joy of living.

Accurately move your hands and feet, move your mouth, turn your brain, and keep your emotions and senses flexible.

When you walk often, the blood will run throughout the body, and will not stay in the lower body, blood pressure will be more stable.

Laughter, help to exercise the expression muscles and the diaphragm, the breathing will become deeper, the blood circulation will be better, and even the body will warm up.

When you eat delicious food and do more things you like, you can make your mood more enjoyable, let the body secrete more serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, and increase your desire and emotion. Life will be happier.

Experience tells me that as long as you are happy, you will forget the little discomfort and the cancer will not break out.

〝〞〞 is the greatest health care method that best fits the natural mechanism.

A lot of people are killed by cancer today. Today seems to be someone else’s business, and it may happen to me tomorrow. Your body can only be guarded by yourself.

Kondo’s remarks caused great concern and controversy in the society. Some people called him a conscience of the medical profession. Some experts pointed out that his argument was only to cater to the psychology of the people at that time. And red. The Japanese mainstream medical community has taken a disregard for Kondo.

Does cancer need treatment?

Does that cancer need treatment? This is a complicated question. There are media comments. Simply put, it is necessary to make judgments based on the difference in individual patients’ conditions and individual circumstances. Early cancer patients, actively treated, can greatly improve the quality of life, or even completely cure. Patients with advanced cancer, if the benefits of treatment can not be greater than the disadvantages of treatment side effects, consider not accepting aggressive invasive treatment, but it is also best to receive treatments that improve quality of life such as pain relief. As for the prevention and treatment, there is no doubt that it needs to be popularized to prevent it from happening.

Kondo’s remarks are right or wrong. No one should be able to give an explanation that everyone is pleasing; however, there should be no one to maintain good habits and positive attitudes. Will oppose, especially in the face of disease, but also full of positive energy.

Share to relatives and friends, keep a good habit from today, and face each day with a happy mood, which is the best way to prevent cancer!