Do you successfully maintain a weight loss or have you recently closed a diet? If so, on any question, please save 2 minutes for our research (Share Welcome!)

Back in 2012 We first published my desire to have a questionnaire that would help people and researchers determine how easy or difficult a particular diet would be.

I called it Index of Delicacy Total or Rating DIETand my hope was that using a series of simple Likert scales (descriptive scales from 1-10), the researchers could assess the DIET score of this weight loss approach, where high rates will determine the diets that they could really enjoy and where the low rates will detect malnutrition, extremely restrictive, degrading quality of life, diet unhappiness. This would be useful for people who could use the DIET score to assess the approach they were thinking but could also serve as a substitute for short-term diet studies to give a sense of whether or not there is a low or high probability of long-term adherence to the specific study strategy.

I am pleased to report that thanks to the hard work of Michelle Jospe and Jill Haszard of the University of Otago, together with your responses, we have completed the qualitative review of DIET's rating and this research is a simple pilot to consider the hypothesis that the highest results are associated with longer-term success and we hope that once these results are gathered together they will be compiled together with our qualitative review of the first published DIET Score!

So again, if you are following a diet or if you have recently closed a diet, we would greatly appreciate if you could choose only a few minutes of your time to fill out our quick research by clicking here.

Thanks in advance!


[[[[Today's research is the final (hopefully) before we submit our paper to DIET SCORE. According to our first two surveys, we have modified our questions to make them more relevant and representative based on the comments and comments of our experts. Even if you completed our research the last time, if you achieved your diet (any nutritional strategy or approach, we are not selective) Or if you recently closed your diet, we would love to hear from you and we promise it will take just 2 minutes to complete]