Do you mind premarital sex?

When you mention this question, everyone may be opposed!

Premarital sex, I personally think, should be advocated.

Those who exalt virginity do not spray me with high morality. I am talking about the truth, right? And this is very practical.

Marriage certificate is just a paper certificate for the contract between men and women. Can do, can also pull, a few dollars of things. However, everyone has forgotten the promise of love between the two sexes.

Premarital sex, do you mind?

If there is a deep love between the two, is there a marriage certificate, what is the relationship? If love has been forgotten, promises are no longer, lack of responsibility, and a marriage, what is the point?

So, we should put our energy and goals on that relationship, the promise, the initial heart.

The factors that affect feelings, many, such as tickets, houses, cars, children, temper, Laozi····

But everyone is often ashamed to publicly express, there is one, then It is a sexual relationship.

Everyone doesn’t need to eat the fireworks and eat a vegetarian animal that doesn’t eat meat.

Whether men and women are temperamental.

Premarital sex, do you mind?

If a woman marries a gay, three-year house, what would it feel like? If the man is strong and weak, is a fast gunner, ten years, such a day, how does this woman balance yin and yang?

In turn, the same is true. Especially men, more unbearable, can not be in the same room, or a woman who has a bad experience in the same room.

In the short term, you can be tolerant, but tolerance is also bordered. It will always be swallowed up by disharmony in life, and then it is resentment, that is, picking thorns, contempting each other and quarreling. Seriously, I will return to the original point and go to work.

This is the problem of most food-eating women, not a problem with monks and nuns, nor a problem with saints and extremists.

Premarital sex, do you mind?

So, before sex, if you are a lover, you can just run it out, you can find out the truth, and you can say later: You not only deceived my feelings, but also deceived my body. .

However, if sex is sexual and seduce everywhere, this kind of behavior is not worth a glimpse.

This kind of person is a scum or a good person. After all, it is a floating world, and it will end up eating its own fruit. The Buddha said, what kind of cause, what fruit. There is still some truth.