Do you mind premarital sex?

I feel this problem is a problem of the last century, then do you mind?

Do you mind premarital sex?

This question still needs to be analyzed from two aspects, physical and psychological

From a physiological perspective, premarital sex is very necessary, not only You can experience the fun of sex early, and you can find out early whether the couple is harmonious in this respect. Harmony in this aspect is one of the important foundations for the future harmony between husband and wife. And having sex before marriage, will let you know the opposite sex, understand the opposite sex, and both sides will benefit more than the disadvantages.

Do you mind premarital sex?

From a psychological perspective, women’s acceptance in this respect is far greater than that of men. After all, men’s experience in this area is not apparent on the surface. Men still have a partial proportion of virgin complexes. Before they have sex with this group of men, they hope that women do not have any sexual experience. Of course, a small number of women will also have.

Do you mind premarital sex?

In addition to these two factors, there may be cultural differences, geographical differences, differences in beliefs, etc., causing everyone to have different attitudes and principles on this issue.

No matter how the times develop, premarital sex is a very common and normal social phenomenon, except for special beliefs. After all, God created Adam and Eve, but they carried God to steal. Eat the forbidden fruit.

Do you mind premarital sex?

In the end, we can often hear stories like this. A girl and a boy are in love. Both sides also like each other, but girls just don’t let boys touch themselves. For a long time, boys will follow. Other girls ran away, and this kind of thing did happen. So there was a relatively hot segment of the previous period:

Men: When did I touch you?

Female: When I get married!

Men: When will you get married?

Female: After pregnancy!

Maybe this paragraph just answers this question