Do you mind premarital sex?

A girlfriend confessed that she was not a virgin before marriage. He was very entangled when he considered “lighting out” into the marriage hall…

Someone said that men always crave Be the first man to be the woman he loves

And the woman wants to be the last woman of the man she loves

This statement may in some sense reflect the difference between men and women in the concept of love.

So, do you mind if your ta is not? Let’s look at a set of survey data

More than half of the white collars happen The first time is less than 25 years old

After an agency released a survey of more than 450,000 people, the staged data report of the “sexual health” status of white-collar workers in China’s cities said that /p>

The age of “first time” for urban white-collar workers, 56.8% for 21 to 25 years old, 19.9% ​​for 26 to 35 years old, 18.3% for 15 to 20 years old, and 1.7% for children under 14 years old


The first sexual life age of men and women is earlier than the legal age of marriage and marriage (male is not less than 22 years old, female is not less than 20 years old), with an average of 3 years old.

69% of women in premarital sex in Shanghai have premarital sex

In the early 1990s, Beijing conducted a survey and found premarital sex. The female accounted for only 15.5%

and the Shanghai Family Planning Commission announced the data obtained during the marriage test, and the number of women with premarital sex has accounted for 69%

The figure for women in Guangzhou is even more High, 86%, directly from the digital level of Western liberation.

Although the accuracy of this data remains to be proved, it is undeniable that people’s concept of ‘virginity’ tends to be weak.

Do you mind premarital sex?

45% of Chinese accept one-night stand. The sex rate is the highest in Jiangsu before the age of 18

The Durex market research report said that about one-night stand 45% The Chinese said they could accept one-night stands

where males (52%) were higher than females (34%). The youngest 18-24 people accept one-night stands

the highest proportion of 53%; the 35-49 age group is the most unacceptable. The higher the income, the higher the acceptance of the higher the degree of education.

Of course, Jiangsu Province has to be mentioned, with a ratio of 79%.

Do you mind premarital sex?

79% of respondents feel that society is becoming more and more open to sexual issues and more willing to participate in it

The higher the degree of education, the more acceptable it is, accounting for 82%, and only 62% of those with low education.

From a regional perspective, the people in Jiangsu are the most open, and up to 90% of people recognize social issues. More and more open.

Although language is open, we still follow certain ethical standards in behavior. For a boyfriend or married person

 Do you mind premarital sex?

68% clearly stated that they would not have sex with other people, with the proportion of women (72%) being higher than that of men ( 66%)

For single people, 64% choose not to have sex, and the proportion of women is higher

19% will be the case The established sexual relationship is also called the gunner. Another 3% of people will take a paid relationship.

Do you mind premarital sex?

Even for boys or girls, 21-25 years old is the age with the most concentrated first-time relationship

The highest proportion of the first-time relationship before the age of 18 is in Jiangsu Province, and the proportion of the survey population is as high as 63%.

The majority of people have a voluntary relationship for the first time, with a ratio of 70%. However, it is also because of the “drinking disorder” caused by

11% of people who have sex for the first time.

Do you mind premarital sex?

In today’s society, on the one hand, young people are open, and on the other hand, many people have virgin complexes

This contradiction is mainly caused. The reason is the contradiction between traditional customs and unrealistic fantasies

In today’s environment, it is ridiculous to ask girls to be virgins, many men themselves Can’t do it

Why do you want a girl to be a virgin? The so-called do not want to do it to others.