Do you mind if my ex-girlfriend is wrong?

Small night, the woman’s family had dinner together, and her husband suddenly said that there was a high school classmate in the first day. I said that it was not junior high school. Suddenly increased the tone, what happened in junior high school! In such a simple sentence, I didn’t know how he was worried. In front of the two relatives, he suddenly squatted. I also said that I want to make it clear what he did. I have to doubt him. I quickly left the table and prepared to go home. He came back from the hotel all the way. I can’t describe the embarrassment at the time and I can’t believe how things developed. His previous character was not such a ugly character. I don’t know what happened now. Either the money is earning more now, the voice is naturally big (when he was married, his family’s economic situation was very poor, and now the work is developing well), or I stepped on his counter-scale, he said that he did not trust. Can you mind if my ex-girlfriend is wrong? I really want to see everyone’s opinions.

Husband and first love are junior high school classmates. They were beaten up by the father-in-law at the time. After a class reunion, they added WeChat. There was not much talk, and the woman took the initiative. Husband is okay in the chat record, asking what to answer, no more than one sentence did not take the initiative to talk, the chat record is what he showed me. Since then, I have been very concerned about his contact with the other party. Last night I asked for a meeting of junior high school students to bring me. He said that it is impossible. He and a junior high school female classmate are quite good. They are the nature of the girlfriends at that time. After many years of contact, they talked a lot. This year’s girlfriends and his first love are the real iron sisters for so many years. I said that there are so many links between you. I really care. He said that I don’t trust him. I am very angry and smashed my mobile phone. I smashed the TV. It’s my neurosis to say nothing, and finally I will divorce if I don’t trust him. . I said that I can’t do not mind the ex-girlfriend, so I can only agree to the divorce. We have been married for more than 7 years, and the child is 6 years old. It is said that I will leave tomorrow. Today, he is lying in bed all day, and he can’t drink or drink. I am very sad, but I really can’t do it. I don’t mind if I go to a dead end, what should I do?