Diet plan and training plan for thinner muscles, all you need is here!

Slimming muscles diet plan and training plan, you want It's all here!

Slimming muscle diet plan and training plan, you want to be here!

Flesh is not what you want to be long

I want to be long and grow long

MAX has talked about too many ways to lose weight and lose weight

Many students reflect

“What do we do with these thin people?”

This time I will talk to you

These are thin and do not like long meat. People

How to increase muscle!

Slimming Muscle Diet Plan and Training plan, all you want is here!

Speak first diet

Because these people have something in common, It’s just that you can’t eat fat. It’s been argued that this is because the absorption capacity is poor, but it’s not true. In fact, these “eat not fat” people are too fast in metabolism, high in food utilization, not easy to store fat, and some People with special “symptoms”, once they feel full, can not eat more than one bite, and even spit out if they eat too much, so there is no “eat support”, and there is no way to eat those who are like fat body. Snack at the end of the staple food, drink after the snack…

Slimming muscle diet plan and training plan, all you want is here!

So for this type of person, diet is the most important , if you are still like before Eating, increased physical activity, then you will more practice the more thin.

Slimming Muscle Diet Plan and Training plan, all you need is here!

The best way is: Eat more meals, high carbon water and high protein. Too low body fat can affect muscle growth, so the primary goal of this group of people can be said to be weight gain, without too much fat intake, as long as your training intensity is large enough, you will be easier to practice than fat Beautiful lines of muscles.

Slimming muscle diet plan and training program, you All are here!

You can use higher heat gainer powder, see below:

After getting up: 1 scoop of muscle-stimulating powder (spoon in the filling powder)

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 250 ml milk , 100g of bread or bread

Chinese food: 200g of staple food (preferred coarse grain), vegetables are not limited, meat is 150~200g, and a fruit is added 1 hour after meal.

(Suppose afternoon training)

1 hour before training: 50 grams of whole wheat bread, 250 grams of milk

After training: 2.5 scoops of muscle powder after training within 30 days

Dinner: (1 hour after training) 200 g of staple food (preferred coarse grains), no limit on vegetables , meat 150~200g

Before going to bed: 1 scoop of muscle-stimulating powder can be used within 30 minutes before going to bed

Second is training

Slimming Muscle Diet Planning and Training Plan, all you want is here!

Because there is too much content, “differentiation training“, only 1 training at a time ~2 parts, 1~1.5 hours each time, thoroughly penetrate this part, and then use enough rest time to make this muscle repair and grow up. On the next training day, practice another part. This training cycle is completed when the whole body is trained.

The general training period is one week, and some people are three days or even two days, such as Arnold. The length of the cycle is related to physical strength and physical recovery. It is not as short as possible. It is best for the average person to take a round once a week. Of course, you can rest for 1-2 days a week.

Slimming Muscle Diet Plan and Training Plan, You All are here!

Skin is strong, where is the priority?

Practicing large muscle groups first is the chest and back legs. In the small muscle groups, only the shoulders can make you strong. As for the biceps, abdominal muscles and the like, there is no need to invest excessive energy in the early stage.

Slimming muscle diet plan and training program, you All are here!

If you plan on Thursday, you can: Monday: shoulder + calf; Wednesday: back + biceps; Friday : chest + triceps; Sunday: thigh + abdominal muscles.

Slimming Muscle Diet Plan and Training plan, all you need is here!

To be effective, you must bear weight

Someone asks: I breathe a sigh of relief Do two hundred push-ups, four hundred sit-ups, why is it not strong? Because your direction is wrong! Only heavy weight training is an effective way to gain muscle.

Generally speaking, using 70~80% of the ultimate weight as the training, the muscle-enhancing effect is the most obvious. Beyond this weight, it tends to increase strength, and this lighter bias tends to increase endurance. The range of 70~80% ultimate weight corresponds to the weight of 8~12RM. This is why most of the fitness programs let you do a group of 12 and a group of 8, this weight range is most suitable for muscle gain.

Slimming muscle diet plan and training program, you All are here!

Why does the muscle-enhancing trainer advocate a big impact?

Because the strength is the foundation of muscle building, there is enough power to better control the weight and deepen the muscles, especially for the weaker beginners and the platform period. Trainer.

For thin people, the strength is usually weak, there is not enough strength to support training and stimulation of muscles, and increasing strength as soon as possible is very important for thin people. Therefore, in the weight-loss training program of the average thin person, you can use the range of 6~10RM to let the strength and muscles develop together.


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