Diet | only fitness and food can not live up to ~

As the saying goes, “Three-point practice and seven-point eating”

Effective fat loss can not control daily heat


This is true for a foodie! of! it is good! pain! bitter!

“The newly opened restaurant is said to be delicious, so I want to go~”

“No, no, I must eat something that I should not eat. “

Diet|Only fitness and food can't live up to ~

Do you want to be so entangled every day!

The home page introduces you to a dieting technique today, food and fitness.

Nani? Is there such a good thing in this world? I believe in love again

Dangdang Dangdang ~~~ Deception!

“Q1 What is a cheating meal?”

Cheat meal means that people who insist on exercise and diet control usually choose a daily diet list (low fat and low diet). There is no high-calorie, high-carbon food on the carbon water, and the deceptive meal is also called “indulgence meal”.

“Q2 Deception meal? Isn’t it a scam?!

Deception meal

, it’s just a matter of deceiving your body. As a means of fat reduction, it is scientifically based! The reason is to return to the body’s own structural function (cough, pretending to be a cow ×). The deception meal mainly involves the following functions in the human body:

1Leptin and ghrelin

Leptin is produced by adipose tissue and acts through the hypothalamus. Its main function is to suppress appetite. In contrast to leptin, ghrelin can stimulate Appetite. People with low calorie diet and long-term exercise, leptin will decrease, and ghrelin will increase, which will lead to increased appetite and increased food intake (which is why dieting can easily lead to overeating).

Deception is to tell the body “I don’t lack food, don’t urge me to eat!” “To achieve the effect of reducing appetite.”

2 Metabolism

The metabolism is a small train that consumes calories in our body. If you put it up, fat burning can come. The speed of the increase, and the continuous heat gap, will enable the body to open the self-protection mode, thereby reducing metabolism.

In general, the deception meal is through a high-carbon high-calorie meal that is higher than daily, telling Body: Look, don’t lack food, don’t worry! Increase leptin levels, reduce ghrelin, and prevent the negative effects of persistent calorie deficits on metabolism. A virtuous cycle of deceptive meal arrangements helps break the reduction Fat platform, is a good partner on the fitness road!

Diet|Only fitness and food can't live up to down~

I want to know Deng Ziqi’s “Hell Menu” is Shenma”

Q3 How to deceive a meal eat?

1 What to eat?

Try to choose healthy foods that you like to eat, high-carbon water and high protein that you can’t eat, and avoid junk food with high sugar and greasy.

2 What time to eat?

This is your own control. It’s fine for lunch and dinner. The frequency is usually one or two times a week.

3 Deceived meals, overeating, eating seaweed

Pro, I’m happy, don’t even eat the cafeteria owners. Not pleasing to the eye~

Be aware that there is only one worry when you are not full, and there are countless troubles when you eat too much~~~

Diet|Only fitness and food can't live up to ~

4 Deception restaurant deception day

Be a good person, don’t be too greedy to be a liar~ From early to late, think about it is drunk~~~

Diet|Only fitness and food can't live up to ~

The girl doesn’t know how to cheat before The reason for the meal, no matter how hard to work out fitness can not break through the platform period. Now I am repentant, determined to make good use of every weekend, and friends (shen) go out for a meal together~ Why not?

So, what are you waiting for during this spring season? Let’s get together this weekend, let’s go to cheat!