Diabetic dog

diabetic dog a few years ago In the courtyard downstairs, a white Samoyed dog is often seen. The owner took it and squatted in the courtyard, even the prestige. But this dog has a problem, often rushing to people, how many times do you know how to scream? Therefore, everyone still complains a lot. But one thing is better, that is, every time the owner goes out, he always holds it by hand. I saw this Samoyed dog a few days ago, but it is like this now.
diabetic dog
diabetic dog skinny, hair loss, body wrap A broken folder. How old is this? How did the prestige of the past few years disappear? When asked about the main talent, the dog had a dog diabetes!
diabetic dog Don’t look like this The owner is as good as it is, and insulin injections are given twice a day in the morning and evening. Dog food, and is a specialized sugar-free diabetic dog food. The love of the owner is so full of emotions!
diabetic dog After getting diabetes Dogs are generally more likely to drink more urine. Hair is sparse. Looking at the condition of this dog, it is estimated that there may also be diabetic cataracts. Among the dogs, with diabetes, Samoyed should be a relatively high proportion. Estimated to be related to his master usually love. Too obese, caused by too much sugar diet! The dog that runs in the rural courtyard has very little diabetes.
diabetic dog life is in motion, Health lies in the usual exercise. Dogs are the same as humans. Being pampered is not good for the body.