Diabetes winter common sense, turn for diabetics!

Diabetes winter common sense, turning for diabetics!

Winter is coming, the weather is getting cold, here are some tips for diabetes


How to measure blood sugar in winter

Generally, when collecting blood, be careful that your hands are cold and you should not collect blood. Use some methods, activities, wash your hands with hot water or apply with a hot towel first, let the hands warm, at least the temperature should be similar to the temperature of your armpits, and then blood to measure blood sugar.

If the hand or fingertip is very cold, the blood sugar measured is not allowed, or even low, so blood is taken from warm fingers. Everyone should pay attention to disinfection when collecting blood. Sometimes when you apply other skin care oils, or if you take your hands and do not wash them, it may affect the results of the evaluation.


The reason why blood sugar is easy to rise in winter:

Many sugar friends have a feeling that it is difficult to get blood sugar in winter. Control, often fluctuating, is more troublesome to regulate. So why is blood sugar rising in winter?

1. Cold will stimulate sympathetic excitation, increase the secretion of catecholamines in the body and increase blood sugar, especially when blood pressure and blood pressure rise more suddenly, and myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction are prone to occur. Brain hemorrhage.

2. Winter cold stimulates adrenaline secretion, while adrenaline promotes the release of sugar stored in the liver, which reduces the absorption and utilization of sugar by muscles and other tissues, leading to an increase in blood sugar.

3. If there is diabetes, blood vessels and neuropathy, local blood circulation disorder, local sensation and dry skin and chapped skin in winter, bacteria can easily invade and develop into foot ulcers, so that blood sugar rises. high.

4, people’s appetite increased in winter, eating more greasy and thick food every day for cold, plus outdoor cold, reducing outdoor sports can unwittingly raise blood sugar.


Candidates can not blindly increase or decrease their medications in winter

The blood sugar in winter will be higher, but not everything Can’t eat. In winter, everyone will like to eat something that is relatively greasy. When the greasy thing is eaten, the blood sugar will be high, but the frequency and quantity of greasy things should be reduced. If you have already eaten, you need to adjust the medicine, but you can’t blindly discuss it with your doctor.

Some people think that blood sugar is very high, it is very dangerous to double the medicine all day. It is really necessary to adjust the medicine, and in the case of being able to monitor, in the case of closely observing the blood sugar throughout the day, appropriately add a certain medicine to the top. It is best to make adjustments under the guidance of a doctor. If you try to adjust it temporarily, you can give the doctor the results of blood glucose monitoring so that the doctor can make judgments and adjustments.

If hypoglycemia occurs, you should find the law in time. Under what circumstances does hypoglycemia occur, whether it is accidental or frequent. If it is said once or even once a month, we will find the corresponding reason. When there is a similar situation in the future, pay attention to timely meals or medications. If it happens frequently at a fixed time, it should be taken from daily medication. And the diet to find the reason, adjust in time to avoid hypoglycemia. It is recommended to shorten the interval of follow-up in winter, and it is recommended to do it once every two months.


Preventing colds in winter

Winter temperatures drop, diabetics, especially elderly patients, should keep warm and prevent colds Respiratory infections and lung infections. Once a patient is infected with a complication, it is much harder to get a cold than a non-diabetic person, and sometimes even life-threatening.


To prevent dry skin in winter

The weather is dry and itchy, and some people with diabetes can’t help but grasp. It causes the wound to be scratched and ulcers appear, which in turn causes infection. Therefore, diabetic patients should take a bath with warm water and keep the skin clean. They can apply some moisturizing cream to prevent dry skin. Patients with symptomatic feet should not wear shoes too tightly to prevent skin from smashing. When washing feet with hot water or hot water bottles to prevent burns, wash feet with hot water for about 15 minutes every night for 15 minutes to help protect against cold and warmth. And improve local blood circulation.

In the end, I hope that all diabetic patients can safely spend the winter.

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