Diabetes two things

diabetes two things

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. Xiaolian saw many friends wondering about the fact that there are 530,000 sugar friends in Shenzhen over 20 years old. 4 adults don’t know that they have been recruited. In fact, this The news is already old.

According to the analysis of Xiaolian’s search results and some previous reports, the data should be from the results of the 2007 survey of chronic diseases in Shenzhen, which was released in 2009. The survey results show that people aged 20-69 have diabetes The disease rate was 5.20%, the awareness rate was 60.54%, the treatment rate was 53.74%, and the control rate was 23.36%. According to the data of the sixth national census of Shenzhen in 2010: the resident population of Shenzhen is 1,530,900, which is 530,000. Awareness rate of 60.54%, that is, about 40% of patients with diabetes does not know that they are sick.

But in fact, this conversion is not accurate. The resident population includes the number of residents under 20 and over 69. But even if the population aged 20-69 is about 81.5%, there are more than 430,000. And this is only the past data. In recent years, the number of patients with diabetes in China has been on the rise, and the resident population in Shenzhen has been rising. In 2015, the sample survey of 1% of Shenzhen population showed that the total resident population of Shenzhen in the end of 2015 was 113.789 million. The morbidity rate is 5.2%, the population aged 20-69 accounts for 81.5%, and the number of sugar friends exceeds 480,000.

No matter 530,000, 430,000, or 480,000, I just want to be more impactful to express the fact that there are more than 5 diabetic patients in 100 people, diabetes than you Imagine more. And no matter what type of diabetes, as the disease progresses, it will lead to various complications and even death. According to the World Health Organization, in 2012, diabetes directly caused 1.5 million deaths worldwide.

Report on Nutrition and Chronic Disease Status of Chinese Residents (2015) shows that the prevalence of diabetes in adults aged 18 and over in China was 9.7% in 2012, the awareness rate was 36.1%, the treatment rate was 33.4%, and the control rate was 30.6. %. A rough conversion means that there are about 10 sugar friends among 100 adults. Among the 10 sugar friends, there are less than 4 people who know that they have diabetes, and there are less than 4 related treatments, and the blood sugar control is up to standard. There are only three.

Diabetes are more than you think, and people who don’t know they are diabetics are more than you think.

And you, will it be one of them?

The main cause of diabetes in China is type 2 diabetes. If you have any of the following factors, you will be at high risk of diabetes (adult), fasting blood glucose as soon as possible Screening, as far as possible, the glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is performed.

Diabetes risk factors:

1.age ≥40 years old;

2.History of impaired glucose regulation;

Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) and/or impaired fasting glucose.

3.Overweight or obese and/or central obesity;

BMI=weight (kg)/[height cm ] 2, BMI ≥ 24kg /m2 is overweight, BMI ≥ 28kg /m2 is obese, male waist circumference ≥ 90cm /female waist circumference ≥ 85cm is central obesity.

4.Sedentary lifestyle;

Not during work, housework, transportation, or during leisure time Any physical activity or very few physical activities

5.A family history of type 2 diabetes in first-degree relatives;

First-degree relatives refer to parents, children, siblings (with parents)

6.women with a history of macronatal or gestational diabetes;>

Baby birth weight ≥ 4kg is huge.

7.High blood pressure or undergoing decompression therapy

High blood pressure: systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure ≥90mmHg

8.Dyslipidemia or receiving lipid-lowering therapy

Dyslipidemia: high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ≤0.91 Mum/L (≤35mg/dl), triglyceride ≥2.22mmol/L (≥200mg/dl)

9.Atherosclerotic heart and brain Patients with vascular disease

10.A history of sexual steroid diabetes

11.People with polycystic ovary syndrome

12.People who have been treated with antipsychotics for a long time;

If you are all the way down, you are very happy, you have not had any of the above risk factors for diabetes, but the little love reminds you that you can’t take it lightly. Look at the lifestyle again: Do you often drink sweet drinks? Do you eat sweets? Is it smoking? Do you drink alcohol regularly? Are three meals heavy and heavy? Do you eat only a few vegetables a day? ……

Effective lifestyles such as sweet drinks, sweets, alcohol, smoking, unreasonable dietary structure, etc. will increase the risk of overweight, obesity, blood pressure and dyslipidemia, and thus increase The risk of diabetes.

A long-term adherence to a good lifestyle will effectively reduce the probability of becoming a “sugar friend.”

Insist on good habits and refuse to be a “sugar friend”!

diabetes two things

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