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A Trilogy of Diabetes People’s Sports Trilogy: There are many sugar friends who like to exercise in the morning, then the problem is coming~Diabetes patients are suitable for morning exercise?

Exercise exercise is one of the important ways for diabetic patients to recover health. Regular exercise can control the disease and reduce complications. However, diabetic patients should not exercise too much, and it is not suitable for morning exercise because the temperature in the morning is relatively high. Low, the sympathetic excitability of the human body is enhanced, and diabetic patients have many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications. It is easy to suddenly develop symptoms when they are exposed to cold or irritating.

Most people are exercising on an empty stomach in the early morning, which is easy to induce hypoglycemia and even lead to low blood sugar coma; early morning air pollution is serious, especially in the morning of dense fog, the heavier solid in air pollutants Things and particles generally fall to the ground. At this time, dirt, dust, and bacteria can easily enter the human body through the respiratory tract. In particular, diabetic patients are prone to lung and tracheal infections due to poor disease resistance, which aggravates the condition.

diabetes sports trilogy|diabetes knowledge

Two parts: Then there are sugar friends to ask, I want to exercise and exercise, if you don’t want to exercise, you can’t exercise. Why do you have regular? So let Xiaobian tell you, What are the meanings of regular exercise for diabetics?

(1) Improve the sensitivity of insulin receptors to insulin binding in the trunk and extremities.

(2) can reduce body weight, reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

(3) Effectively lower blood sugar.

(4) Improve the whole body Microcirculation, including microcirculation around the islet cells, allows the damaged islet cells to rest and repair.

(5) can burn fat, improve lipid metabolism, and reduce hyperlipidemia.

(6) Lower blood pressure and improve arteriosclerosis.

(7) Improve the physiological functions of cardiovascular and skeletal muscles.

(8) Improve work efficiency and quality of life.

Trilogy: Finally, there is another sugar friend who raised a relatively heavyweight problem. I also know that exercise is good for your body, but it is not too motivating, then How to keep yourself motivated to participate in sports?

(1) List each person’s exercise plan and put it in a prominent place to remind yourself; tell the family about the benefits of exercise for diabetes and tell them about your exercise plan and let them Supervise you to complete.

(2) Form a sports partner with others. If the patient loses interest in sports and wants to give up, the sports partner will encourage the patient to stick to it.

(3) Various movements alternate. When you are engaged in the same kind of exercise for a long time, you will feel monotonous and easily lose interest. Therefore, you can choose several sports you like and take turns every week.

(4) Set realistic goals. Don’t hope that you can achieve weight loss and strong body in a short time.

(5) Give rewards. A family member of a diabetic patient should praise him or her for inspiring him or her to have a sense of accomplishment after the patient has been exercising for a period of time.

diabetes sports trilogy|diabetes knowledge