Diabetes people’s daily life care, the gospel of diabetic patients, diabetes people please collect

diabetes People's daily life care, the gospel of diabetics, diabetics please collect

Diabetes is a chronic The disease will start with a lifetime, so daily life care is very important. It should be strictly implemented and adhere to the following points for a long time:

First, a reasonable and healthy diet is a treatment for diabetics. basis.

Diabetes daily life care, the gospel of diabetics, diabetes people please collect

1. Diet therapy is the basis for the treatment of various types of diabetes. In daily life, the number of main and non-staple foods should be basically fixed, avoiding random increase or decrease. If you want to use any new variety of food, you must first understand the nutrient composition and then change it. When occasionally hypoglycemia occurs, you can immediately drink easily absorbed juice, syrup or eat a small amount of candy (now many people with diabetes are not enough here, think that diabetes can no longer eat candy) to ease. If hypoglycemia often occurs, you should see a doctor in time.

2. Usually strictly limit the consumption of various sweets, snacks, cold drinks, fruits, small foods and alcohol. If you are overweight, remember to eat fried and fried foods. Diet should control the amount of salt, eat less foods containing more cholesterol, such as animal offal, crab yellow, shrimp, caviar, etc., so as not to aggravate the occurrence of heart and kidney vascular complications.

3. It is not easy to fasting in the morning to prevent hypoglycemia. When life is irregular, or when you are on a business trip, you should carry some convenient foods, such as milk powder, salty biscuits, etc., but avoid overeating.

Second, reasonable rest and exercise are an aid to the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes daily life care, the gospel of diabetics, diabetes people please collect

Moderate exercise can promote weight loss and maintain proper body weight, increase the number of insulin receptors, increase sensitivity to insulin, promote glucose into muscle cells, increase muscle and tissue utilization of glucose, lower blood sugar, etc., and reduce stress And tension makes people feel good. The best way to exercise is to choose aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, etc., at least 3 times a week, the best time for exercise is after an hour after meals, do not exercise on an empty stomach to prevent hypoglycemia, and gradually, gradually Increase the amount of exercise, persevere, remember to interrupt at will. If there is hunger, palpitation, cold sweat, dizziness and weakness or tremor in the exercise, it indicates that hypoglycemia has occurred. Stop exercising immediately and eat. Generally, hypoglycemia can be relieved after about 10 minutes of rest. If it can not be relieved, it should be timely. Seek medical attention. People with weak constitutions should increase their bed rest time, do some physical exercises in the bed, and promote blood circulation in the limbs.

Three, diligent observation and inspection

Daily life care for diabetics, gospel for diabetics, diabetics please collect

The foot should be examined, attention to changes in the nail, toe and plantar skin, and the pulsation of the dorsal artery of the foot. Keep your feet warm in winter, avoid prolonged exposure to cold or humid conditions, and often massage the soles of your feet (the massage direction is from the toe side) to promote blood circulation. Usually choose the right shoes and socks to avoid pressure on the feet.

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