Diabetes is not terrible, but don’t let complications come to trouble, these symptoms are dangerous!

The treatment of diabetic complications is based on the term “early”, ie early diagnosis and early treatment. The human body is an organic whole. When there is a part of the imbalance, there will always be many tips. If you have the following annoying small problems, be vigilant!

Diabetes friends worry every day that complications will fall on their heads. In fact, 80% of people with diabetes will respond to the skin first, before signs of complications.

1. Skin

If the skin has the following symptoms, we must pay attention to it.

 Diabetes is not terrible, but don't let complications go to trouble, these symptoms are dangerous!

1. Infection

Immune function of diabetes is reduced, and the increase in glycogen content in the skin creates conditions for the invasion of bacterial diseases such as sores, sputum, folliculitis, pustules, blisters. Wait.

2 Itchy

The higher the blood sugar, the more itchy the skin is, especially the genital itching. If the diabetic patient suddenly has skin itching, it is best to check the insulin level and glucose tolerance immediately and adjust the treatment in time.

3, Flushing

A sudden onset of red erythema or rash on the face or palm of a diabetic patient is usually due to poor capillary elasticity or abnormal expansion caused by hyperglycemia.

4, yellow hard skin

Yellow scleroderma is likely to be diabetic xanthomas or lipid-like progressive necrosis on the skin, and blood sugar must be controlled in time to reduce the lesion.

5, gangrene

Diabetes patients have a long course of disease, frequent smoking, poor glycemic control, prone to aortic occlusion, toe ulcers, gangrene, and many patients with amputation disabilities.

Second, bleeding gums

In addition to bleeding, hyperglycemia can cause gingival recession and severe periodontal symptoms. Long-term treatment can easily lead to tooth loss. Gingivitis can cause blood sugar to be more difficult to control, leading to a vicious circle.

Three. Dizziness or dizziness.

 Diabetes is not terrible, but don't let complications go to trouble, these symptoms are dangerous!

The blood sugar is too high, it is easy to cause the body to stand up too fast and feel faint, and the heart skips fast. These conditions may occur suddenly, or accompanied by shortness of breath, chest tightness, unclear speech, or loss of vision. At this time, the blood supply to the heart or brain may be reduced or blocked. Seek immediate help or call an emergency number for medical attention.

Four. Sweating Disorders

Excessive blood sugar can cause some patients to sweat more frequently, especially at night or during meals. However, some patients do not sweat at all and sweat very little in hot weather. In addition, check the sole of the foot, if the skin is dry, it means that the sweat gland is abnormal.

Five. Legs or pain.

When syrup walks or performs other physical activities, poor circulation can cause pain in the calf, thigh or buttocks. After the break, the pain is relieved. Someone suggested telling the doctor about this symptom. It is necessary to take appropriate measures to protect the blood vessels.

Six, vision changes

Sweet friends may sometimes have blurred vision, difficulty reading, and dizzy at night. Excessive blood sugar can cause blurred vision and dark spots or flashes. In addition, from the dark to the bright part, the sugar eye needs more time to adjust.

Preventions for diabetes:

First, a reasonable diet.

High-fat diet can inhibit metabolic rate, increase weight and obesity. Obesity is the key to type 2 diabetes, and the incidence of diabetes is significantly higher than that of perennial vegetarians. Therefore, diet should be diversified to maintain a balanced diet and avoid excessive nutrition.

 Diabetes is not terrible, but don't let complications go to trouble, these symptoms are dangerous!

Second, exercise more, stay up late.

Insufficient sleep can cause excessive secretion of hormones, and the body will store fat to cope with this time. The amount of food for the person becomes larger, which is one of the causes of diabetes, whether it is fat or thin. Exercise for more than half an hour a day. Don’t underestimate the movement, in fact, exercise can also play a very good role in lowering blood sugar. And can improve the physical condition very well!

 Diabetes is not terrible, but don't let complications go to trouble, these symptoms are dangerous!